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Foreign Affairs


2/6/17 I predict that Turkey is going to be one of the biggest headaches of the Trump administration soon, very... read more

Foreign Affairs


2/5/17 If I were to ask which country around the world received the largest largess, help, subsidy from the world—mostly... read more

Current Events

President Obama — Score Card

2/1/17 Former (Thank God!!!) President Obama was the worst president this country had, if not ever, then at least in... read more

Current Events

Sally Yates — My Shortest Post EVER

1/30/17 Good riddance! What an arrogant, presumptuous woman. How befitting of Obama. Could not be a better target for the... read more

The Economy

Prediction Concerning the Chicken and Egg

1/27/17 I predict that the numbers of jobs created in the US economy (what is known as Non-Farm Payroll) on... read more

Current Events

The Syria Holocaust

12/26/16 Syria is going through a holocaust and the Western—supposedly-civilized—world is standing by and letting it happen. The term holocaust... read more