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Clinton Corruption: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

8/20/16 Another week, another significant development in the Clinton corruption/lies saga. The crop this week: Hillary Clinton says that she... read more

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Clinton Corruption

8/12/16 A newly released batch of emails from the Clinton “trove” indicates a clear and close relationship between the Department... read more

The Economy

On Tax Reform and Regulations

8/9/16 Politicians on the conservative side of the political divide and most economists on both sides flag the issue of... read more

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Clinton Emails and Trump National Security Threat

7/28/16 During his press conference yesterday Donald Trump, in what sounded to me like a tongue-in-cheek comment, called on Russia... read more

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The DNC and WikiLeaks

7/25/16 The most important revelation coming out of the WikiLeaks dump of DNC emails is, as frequently is the case,... read more

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Terror in Munich

7/24/16 Watching the efforts by media, pundits, and politicians to redirect the “blame” for the terror attack in Munich towards... read more