I am watching the developments in this race with fascination.

Herman Cain

I am concerned about the weak defense that he has put up in response to the serious accusations against him. If he is innocent as he claims to be, and as I am at the moment accepting (presumption of innocence, right?), why is he not:

  • Making sure that the internal investigation at the NRA that was done at the time and that according to him cleared him of any fault, is getting publicly aired? That would be a strong vindication, would it not? What is he afraid of?
  • Even more curious and troubling is why is there NOT one person and preferably a woman from that time in his life (or any time) who is willing to stand up and say, “I worked with Herman Cain. Herman Cain is a good executive and has NEVER acted inappropriately in my experience.” ONE person? Preferably many more. Where are they all? Why is he alone out there?

Having said that, my view of the media handling this story is…well I better not say what I think of them as it may get me barred from polite society.

First, we have the total fascination and saturation coverage of these important but not all-consuming allegations. It got MUCH more coverage than the heinous, horrifying, unspeakable (words fail me), events at Penn State. How come?

Second, in all the media commotion, not one reporter or anchor, not one, raised the above points which are so relevant, so piercing, and really the ONLY valid points that one can ask Cain. It just looks bad that he has not dealt with the two issues I raised  above as weaknesses in his case and the media should point it out. It is obviously too much to hope that the mediocre reporters would ask such serious and valid questions.

Yet, the cake must go to this (expletive) reporter from the once gloried NY Times, who during Cain’s press conference on Tuesday (following the first time an accuser, Sharon Bialek, went public on Monday), asked Cain if he is willing to submit to a lie detector test. WHAT? For what? Based on what? He has been accused of NOTHING. So what if Sharon Bialek said something? I can say something, too. I can say that the reporter from the NY Times is a child molester. Should he then submit to a lie detector test just because I go on a press conference and say so? If I were Cain, I would have given him a piece of my mind and ended it with a crushing question: “Did you ask Sharon Bialek if she is willing to submit to such a test? If she does, and if it supports her baseless assertion (according to Cain), then and only then dare ask me this stupid, disrespectful question. I will answer you then.” The nerve of these worthless, good for nothing journalist is just over the top (OTT).

Rick Perry


The case of Rick Perry is a similar story of media going OTT. They REALLY think that they control the world. EVERY human being has had a moment when the brain goes blank. When one just cannot remember something. I have them at times; I am sure we all do, and that is even without being under the pressure of the glaring eyes of millions of people. Does that mean that you cannot be a good president? What is one got to do with the other? The totally one-sided opinion of ALL media outlets and pundits (including conservative ones) that this was a death blow to his campaign is astounding. What? This really inconsequential event has such significance? Clearly the media’s view of their own power is inflated and it is time that the voters put them in their place. I will admit that I do not think Perry has a chance to get the nomination, but that was true before that moment. To some extent, that moment may have improved his chance just in order to show to the media how ignorant and clueless they all are.

Newt Gingrich

I am sorry to say that I missed that one. I always thought that he was a very powerful candidate but he had a terrible start to his campaign. The serious (yeah, not like Perry’s) errors committed by him at the beginning (not supporting the Ryan budget, vacillating on Libya, etc.) caused me to lose confidence. I have since watched and in spite of his very impressive performance in the debates, I was not able to break out of the media spell that wrote him off. However, the voters were able to see though the media smoke screen and are now giving him a very serious chance.

Newt deserves it. He is probably the most thoughtful and creative person out there. I am concerned about his lack of executive experience (see what that brought us in the last three years?) but in terms of rhetorical powers and creative ideas, he is number one without a question.