From 10/20/12

Given the “hot” status and the enormity of the debacle in Benghazi, the issue of Iran has taken a back-stage position. But on the subject of Iran, the president keeps spinning a yarn, inaccurate at that, that he put sanctions on Iran and that those are very effective and that there is no need to do anything else for now.

However in the last two weeks, the IMF, Foreign Affair’s magazine and many other sources concluded and published that the sanctions are not stopping the regime from its resolute march toward nuclear weapons.

What astounds me is how the reaction of the Western world led by the U.S. toward Iran is always “a day late and a dollar short.” This lack of resolve is what will bring us to war. For many years, serious sanctions could have stopped this disaster from happening. Even today total sanctions possibly may lead to a solution. But even today the West is not willing to take a serious action.

A delayed conflict is an enhanced conflict. No adversary was ever deterred by his opponent’s lack of resolve and weakness.

The president’s notion that “we will know” in time when the Iranian regime starts the final breakout toward actual weapons is nonsense in light of the long list of intelligence services failures to predict such things—Soviet Union, North Korea, Iraq-Kuwait, Iran, Benghazi…. The belief that in such a secretive and totalitarian country the U.S. intelligence sources are good enough to know when Ayatollah Khamenei gives the order to make the final sprint toward a bomb is nonsense.

Basing a critical policy decision on this straw is irresponsible. As a businessperson, I am used to judging things by the bottom line. However damaging the sanctions are, they are not stopping the regime. A military strike is unavoidable; the American public deserves the truth.