From 10/19/12

A few months ago, the president gave his now infamous speech telling private sector businessmen/women that if they thought they were clever, they were wrong—there are plenty of clever people out there. If they thought they were harder working, they were wrong—everyone works hard. And if they thought that they built “that,” they were wrong as the government built “that.”

Most people who heard the speech understood that in the context of the speech, “that” meant the business. The president however, in his masterly wordsmithing abilities, pointed to the very narrow interpretation that referred, according to him, to the…roads… The government built the roads…

In my blog, I explained that even if he was correct, it does not matter as the roads were built by the private sector economy anyway. However, that whole speech cast light on the president’s deep belief that government is all-important and pivotal for the success of the private sector.

Now comes version 2.0, which takes this deep-rooted belief of his a step further. In the rough and tumble of the campaign, no one noticed it.

In the debate held on Tuesday, Romney attacked the president for the reduction in oil and gas production on Federal land. According to Romney, that reduction amounted to 14% less oil and 9% less gas. The president denied this completely and wholly, stating outright that the governor is “not truthful.”

I have heard a number of very credible sources suggesting that Romney is right and the president is…ah…let’s say wrong. Let us keep the respect for the office of the presidency and not use the word that this president used when interrupting Romney, suggesting that Romney was not telling the truth or, er…lying.

The point though is that in his response, the president did not make any distinction between oil and gas produced on Federal land, which was the question, and that produced on private land. He covered both in one swoop of his hand. That is why he was able to state with complete confidence that production of oil and gas is up.

So…the president’s attitude and deep belief toward private initiative, ownership, and private sector in general is: “What is mine is mine and what is yours is mine too.”

If you think about it, that is a very dangerous attitude for the leader of what is supposed to be a democratic country. We already have stealth nationalization of healthcare and to a large extent, the banking system. Now we find that in the president’s mind, there is no distinction between what the government does and what the private sector does if, and ONLY if, it is in order to CREDIT the government. Hell, we all know that if it is a bad thing, it is ALWAYS those terrible capitalists who are at fault, and only them. Then it is OK to make the distinction between government—good, private sector—bad.

What comes next? Expropriations?