Everything that could have been said has already been already said. Now it is time to vote and for a decision to be made—hopefully.

A prolonged stalemate and uncertainty due to legal battles and/or a 269/269 electoral split will be disastrous; the country needs a clear mandate.

Here is a short summary of the main issues:

The Role of Government

These elections are between two very differing philosophies on how to achieve the same thing. President Obama believes that government is a force for good and is better than the free market in correcting inefficiencies, injustice, unfairness, etc. Romney believes in the power of the free market to achieve the same result. Not only do I agree with Romney’s view, I go further in my belief that government is a bad thing. It is a necessary bad thing (I would not go as far as to say evil. That is too strong).

Government is the most inefficient entity around. Everything that it does, it does badly and expensively. Therefore, justifying the government doing anything requires careful analysis that will prove that the free market cannot handle this matter AND that the benefit from the government handling it is significantly larger than if no one handles it. Not every ill, injustice, or unfairness can be fixed even by government. To paraphrase Winston Churchill (and his comment related to democracy): the free market system is the worst form of governing except all the others. My vote goes to free market and to Romney.


The president is probably a good man, generally speaking. I suspect that he is a good husband and a loving father. However, he is not a good president. He is an ideologue and as such has strong beliefs in his views and that the goals justify the means. As a result he lied and lies, and will continue to lie to achieve what he deeply believes is for the benefit of all of us. There are two problems with that: first, he is wrong. His beliefs are simply wrong. Second, NOTHING justifies such means. Take the Benghazi affair as an example. These are stark lies, and yet he perpetuates them on the basis that he feels it is a small issue and therefore, it is justified to lie to us to ensure that he gets elected, because if he is elected, he will do, according to his belief, what is good for us.


Romney is a good man; so good and clean that it is simply boring. He is practical, he understands what needs to be done, and he is pragmatic. It is the art of the possible and the ability to convince and lead. For goodness sake, the man is so boring that he does not even drink. Forget alcohol—he does not even drink coffee.


  • Obama was a great student in two of the nation’s premier universities. He went on to become a not particularly noteworthy constitutional law professor, a one-of-many community organizer, a bland and mostly absent or “present” (the same as absent in political voting terms) Illinois senator, and then he shot to national fame based on one thing—his eloquence and oratory skills. That is his only “claim to fame” until he became president.
  • Romney was a good student in two of the nation’s premier universities. He then became a “community organizer” (in his church, it is called lay leader, others will call it missionary, but in essence, it is the same thing), an extremely successful and ethical (due to his faith) business leader, a great public servant (Salt Lake City Olympics), and a successful governor in a very liberal state. Can you compare the two resumes? Are they even on the same level?


I have said so many things on polls that I am tired of repeating it. I am just wondering how can it be that the polls tell us one thing, and then the opposite in a space of few days, and we still trust them so much? They are all rubbish. No one knows. The polls are biased toward the incumbent. Many undecided voters are ashamed to tell the pollsters that they will not vote for the incumbent. We will just have to see tomorrow morning. Hopefully we will know by then.


I am concerned that we will not know tonight, tomorrow, or any time soon, who won. If the decision today is close, then I believe that Romney will concede quickly unless there are really egregious issues to be litigated. I believe he will be “presidential” in his attitude. I cannot say the same about the Obama team. I can see them litigate every small issue in the hope that they can eke out a win, even if they lose. Remember—the goal justifies the means. They will take this country through hell if there is a tiny chance that it can bring them to their goal. Therefore I hope against hope that we have a decisive win today.

The “Main-Stream” (Otherwise Known as Liberal) Media

They are despicable, negligent, disgusting, and unprofessional. What else can I say? They will pursue Romney to death about the negligible comments (some of them stupid but all of them not material in the context of today) of some of his “surrogates” (Sununu) or other Republicans (Mourdock) but they will allow the president to get away with murder—particularly the murder of 4 representatives of the U.S. government in Benghazi. The president has not even seen fit to face the nation via the press on this subject and the press gives him a pass on that. They will plaster over the first page of the Washington Post the unsubstantiated allegation that Romney is accused of bullying and hazing FIFTY years ago, yes 50 years. That is the WORST offence they could direct at him. But they would not discuss at all the fact that the president bought his house in a shady deal stinking of bribery from a convicted felon, or that the president for 20 years admired his pastor who turns out to be an extreme and, most people will agree, unhinged person. How much more biased can you get?

The Conservative Media

While not as bad as their liberal colleagues, they too are guilty of hubris. Many of them criticize Romney too often about what they felt was the wrong way to run the campaign, only to sing his praises when it suddenly transpired that the way he ran it was the right way. They, of course, forget to apologize for their rants and errors.

Hurricane Sandy

Terrible though it is in itself, it seems clear that it helped the president tremendously. The only reason that he is in with a strong chance today is that terrible storm. Without it I believe that the results would have been clear this morning already. How ironic is it that this most un-presidential of presidents will be saved by the opportunity to look presidential. Those who believe in G-d will have to accept that that was His will. Others will write it down to luck. Obama is clearly the most lucky politician (at that high level) of his generation, if not ever. Look at his record in elections and you will see that. Unfortunately, contrary to Napoleon’s famous saying about lucky generals, that luck does not extend to us, his subjects!


The president always appears to be very cool, collected, controlled, and scripted. Almost always. There are few times when his mask is torn and the real rage and anger that he feels, the ideological zeal, appears. His “you did not build that” comment is famous. How about urging his crowd and followers to vote out of “revenge”? How terrible a statement is that? If Romney would have said something like this (take for example his 47% comment) the media would not let it rest. Here the president of the U.S. is calling on people to exercise one of their most sacred rights in order to extract revenge? Revenge on what? Revenge on what he sees is the “upper class,” the rich, the people who he really hates. I would rather take the 47% comment (ill-advised and wrong though it was) any time over the revolutionary zeal of the ideologue seeking revenge.


My record on making predictions is not great but it is not any worse and maybe better than all the other pundits who do not hesitate to make them all the time. So I will take my courage in my hands and will make a prediction. Intellectually and rationally I am going to stick to my positions and beliefs. I hold the polls in great disdain and I trust the collective wisdom of the American voter. If I am correct, then today will bring a strong decisive win for president-elect Mitt Romney!

Today is the first day in the rest of the life of this great democratic experiment known as the United States of America. I hope that the spirit of the founders who had amazing wisdom and foresight will prevail and that their descendants will choose wisely!