Some in the Republican Party think, or at least thought of Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, as the newest and best hope for the Republican Party. He was pushed by many to run for the nomination last year and even after he announced that he will not, he was talked about in reverence and adulation—indeed as the messiah.

I never liked governor Christie. I admit that my initial visceral reaction to him is due to his obesity. As a person who continuously battles, successfully I may add, from a very young age with an inclination to be overweight (never even got close to obesity), I have a significant concern about people who seem not to have enough of self-discipline and allow themselves to become obese. This is not a personal matter; it is a matter of character, and if someone is supposed to lead this nation, I expect them to have iron fisted self-discipline.

My view of Christie got less favorable over time. While I accept that he managed to achieve an element of reform in NJ—one of the most Democratic states in the nation, and probably one of the most difficult to govern—I do not think that reform was/is overwhelming. It is moderate. It’s much better than before and much better than his Democratic counterparts in similar states, but still a long way from being a real game changer for NJ.

His keynote speech in the Republican convention was mediocre and focused mainly on himself—the first sign of how self-centered, disloyal, and unreliable he is.

His praise for President Obama’s Sandy response was way over the top. The fact is that the federal response to Sandy was not much better than the one for Katrina. It was not necessary for Christie to heap praise, undeserved, on Obama; the media did enough of that. It was not necessary, that is, for anyone other than the ambitious Mr. Christie who could not care about anything but himself and his reelection, the truth be damned.

His final act of disloyalty and betrayal occurred a few days ago when instead of attacking the president and senate Democrats who passed the Sandy compensation bill full of “pork” that has nothing to do with Sandy, giving billions of dollars to liberal, left-wing causes, instead of criticizing them for contaminating the bill and trying to gain on the back of the suffering—he viciously attacked Speaker Boehner and the Republicans in the house for trying to do the right thing by saving this country tens of billions of “pork” spending.

Shame on him. He is self-centered, self-promoting, lacks discipline, and not such a great reformer as people made him up to be. I hope he does not get the Republican nomination for 2016.

I will add that some of the other Northeast Republicans, specifically Peter King, went way over the top too and they should bear the consequences. If Boehner has courage he should refuse to give King the chairmanship of the homeland security committee that he had in the last congress.