This week, at long last, we had to face the truth. The truth that we knew for some time, suspected for a long time, but our faces were rubbed in it this week. Lance Armstrong purported the biggest hoax ever in my judgment. Not only sports, but generally in life. I have no view or knowledge about the criminal implications. If there are any—this is NOT the worst crime ever; far from it. I am making a distinction here between a hoax—abusing public trust and a crime.

In the field of the former, he is the world record holder—by far—and he did it in full control of his faculties, in icy, deliberate, continuing judgment (one could say lack of…) and without the help of dope—he duped us enough. There are some questions in peoples’ minds if the good that he did with his cancer charity is mitigating the enormity of the fraud (non-legal use of the word…). The answer in my opinion is very little, if any. It is all “fruits of the tainted tree” (borrowing a legal term…). I do not know how much of his own ill-gotten fortune he actually contributed and until he gives it all to charity, as far as I am concerned, he is a thief of public trust, an abuser of people, and a despicable person. No ifs or buts.

By the way, I am not a sports fan and I never idolized him, although I was aware of his achievements, which were thought to be remarkable. He corrupted sports, in the process of trying to perpetrate the lie (ostensibly defending his name) he maligned innocent people, and he needs to do much more in terms of apologizing in deeds not in words, to be even close to enter the realm of possible redemption. Crook.

What is it with the American psyche that gives sports so much importance? I admit to not understanding this. How could it be that during the same week as the world is ablaze (in North Africa, Middle East etc.), the economy is on the verge of a crisis, Armstrong just admitted to the worst hoax ever perpetrated on sports—how is it that we even hear about the shenanigans of one Manti Te’o? Who the heck cares? What did he do to garner so much airtime and so much headline space? Unbelievable. Throughout the week, he got more airtime than the Armstrong affair. The media must start reevaluating their priorities in life.

Why does Martin Luther King deserve his own special day in the calendar? I understand that he is an important figure. I have no issue with that. But I do have an issue with him having a holiday every year named after him and used to celebrate him. Is he more important for this country than Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, or Obama? I know that we have Presidents Day but because it celebrates all of them, in effect, it celebrates none of them. Why does he deserve a memorial in line with the very, very few presidents who have one? Is he in the same leagues as those and more important than say Reagan or JFK? Absolutely not. The annual holiday in his name is another proof that America’s guilt is out of control and is being used by special interests—those who want to abuse the feeling of guilt. While slavery was shameful, it happened at a time when the world had a different morality. When many things that we consider shameful today were allowed to happen and were the norm. While abolishing slavery three decades or so after the British Empire led the way, the fact is that not one country in the world did more to abolish slavery, or atone for it. Enough. I am tired of the special treatment afforded to Blacks in this country. As a mature white male, I am beginning to feel that I am an abused minority.

Algerian forces did not waste much time or care too much about the lives of the hostages. They stormed the facility where the hostages were held, and killed all the captors and many of the hostages. Good or bad? The horrific facts of life in today’s world is that this was and is probably the better way to handle such situations then the usual song and dance, negotiations over weeks and months that Western countries usually engage in when faced with similar situations. I am sure that if I had a loved one there, I would think differently. However I know that if I was there myself, I would encourage that course of action. One cannot fight fire with water—you fight fire with fire. Long term, that is the “cheapest” way (in lives) to abolish this menace.

I wasted so many words on this ineffective amateur bunch that I am not sure it is worth saying much more. Their latest childish escapade is to offer a three months extension of the debt ceiling. Possibly, if constitutional, accompanied by a no-pay to themselves, unless there is a budget. How ridiculous. What an easy play into the president’s hand. I am sure he will strip them naked and ridicule them to no end. They deserve every little bit of it. Spineless amateurs.