From 3/30/13

The RNC issued a report analyzing the failure (as perceived by most) in the 2012 elections. See it here. The basic conclusion is that the GOP needs to change its message on immigration, the “war on women,” gay marriage and some other issues, and to become more “caring.”

While personally some of these recommendations fit my own views, they are NOT what matters, they are NOT what will make a difference in the next election. This report fails to pinpoint the REAL reason for the GOP failure, and thus while useful in many ways, it is failing to bring attention to the real problem and propose solutions.

Some background:

  • The GOP lost the presidential elections. The most nationwide of all elections.
  • The GOP lost some senate races—although only state-wide elections (as opposed to national), those were very few and prominent elections of national importance and thus capturing national headlines.
  • The GOP won the majority in the House, thus winning most of the district-level elections. Although lacking specific data, it is very logical to assume that many, many more people voted for Obama as president and a Republican as their representative than the opposite case (Romney as president and Democrats for the House).
  • The GOP won 30 of 50 gubernatorial elections. In a country that is split 50/50 where even Obama managed only 52% of the vote, having a 60-40 majority is significant.
  • The GOP has control of 26 state legislatures as opposed to only 19 for the Democrats (5 are split).
  • States like Florida, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin all voted for Obama as president, but have solid Republican control at governor/legislature level. If a majority of voters in these states would have maintained their Republican preference and have voted for Romney as opposed to Obama, it would have been a Romney landslide.

The fact is that the more local the elections are, the better the GOP is doing. Why is that? Why would Latinos and women reject Mitt Romney but vote for Scott Walker, Rick Snyder, Tom Corbett, and GOP-led legislatures?

Some would say that the GOP problem is with national issues but surely if you do not trust the GOP as a woman, you do not want to see it as your state government either. And even if there is some element of different consideration between state and national—why give the GOP control of the House?

No, the answer is different and the Elephant party missed an opportunity to point out the elephant in the room—the MEDIA.

The difference between local elections and national elections is the media. In two ways. Local media is much less biased against the GOP than the national media is, and naturally voters are much more knowledgeable and understanding of their local issues than they are of national issues, thus they are swayed less by the media’s twisting of the facts.

This is the age of media and unless the GOP learns to handle the enormous bias against the party, the party’s nominees, and agenda perpetrated by the national media, it will not become a strong national power, however much it will change its policies. Especially if their policies are the right ones, as on the whole, they are. The GOP will never capture the hearts and minds of the electoral by becoming more socially modern because they will always be second to the Democrats on these matters. These issues are not where the GOP can win. This is not to say that some of the GOP social policies are not wrong. They are, but changing them will not make the difference in winning.

The first stage of any resolution is to recognize and correctly analyze the problem. The RNC report FAILED to do so.

Until there is someone with courage enough to state clearly that the GOP problem is NOT in the ideas or the policies but in the media, the national level GOP will have no future.