From 5/25/13

This will be a very short blog to compensate my few readers for the very long one I just posted on scandals.

The much-talked-about Lois Lerner of IRS fame was asked to resign by the new acting commissioner. Good for him! She, to add insult to injury, refused and due to civil service rules, is now on leave WITH pay. It is not clear to me for how long she will be in that position.

If you think that is outrageous, you do not even begin to get close to the real shocking level of incredulity and disgraceful.

So, based on the same rules, but in the context of the military, a military person accused of a criminal offence continues to get his pay until he is found guilty. Major Nidal Malik Hasan who killed thirteen people in Fort Hood, Texas, three and a half years ago, and is still waiting trial due to all kinds of legal maneuvers to delay it, has received about $300,000 from us the taxpayers. The men and women he killed do not get wages anymore—they are dead (I assume that their survivors get pensions etc.) but he gets full pay—now is this for outrageous?

But this is not the MOST outrageous thing. This fact came to light only 2 to 3 days ago in a short piece by ONE media outlet—FOX of course. No one, not ONE other media outlet of any kind thought it was important enough to mention.

Now this is REALLY outrageous!