From 6/2/13

I usually do not write on social issues, but it is time to touch on this difficult subject. As always, I am going to be different and try to shine a light on issues that others are afraid to tackle.

Let me start by saying that I am no conservative when it comes to social matters, no right wing at all. Probably center left.

I am all in favor of gay rights to complete equality in civil unions. I am against forcing churches to conduct gay marriages (a la UK law).

I am in favor of legal abortion up to the stage when the fetus is viable. Currently the law in most states defines that as 24 (or 26 weeks). Medical advances make that number smaller all the time, but that is my threshold. If the fetus can be born and be viable, you cannot kill it—at that stage that it becomes a human being. Before that, I will leave it to the mother, although I am in favor of consultation and contemplation before an abortion is done.

There are many other things that I am very liberal on when it comes to social issues, but I am against the overreaching feminization of the society in the U.S.

Let me state unequivocally that I am very much in favor of the war for equal rights for women in all the countries around the world where they do not yet have it. These countries are generally not free, despotic, and behind in their economic and cultural development. THIS is a WORTHY cause and if all these “gender neutral” warriors and big talkers on women’s right focused their attention on these countries, they would be doing the world a big favor, specifically to the downtrodden women in these countries.

I strongly believe that women are equal to men. But they are not identical. I have no problem with women in business or in anything else that they want to do. They have totally equal rights and they are certainly equal, but they are not identical. Nor are they superior or inferior to men—they are equal. We should celebrate and emphasize the differences between men and women as we do for all other diversities. Those enrich our lives, make us better, and push our world forward.

I believe that the current fashionable trend in media, driven by cynical Democratic politicians, is to make women seem better than men and to change education and laws toward femininity. There’s this horrible buzzword in the ivy towers of high education: “gender neutral.” It is bad for men, bad for society, and bad for women too.

Take the recent survey that was published few days ago by Pew and is the trigger for this blog.  According to the survey, women are the main or only breadwinners for 40 percent of families. The media made a huge deal of this survey, seeing it as another proof of the superiority of the female gender over men and their continuing strides to gain equality. The facts, unfortunately, are different and very disturbing actually, but to get to the facts, you need to go past the shallow, inaccurate, and bias reporting that you get from the media.

First of all, the survey only dealt with family units that had children. So we know nothing of households without children or empty nesters.

Secondly, if you delve into the details of the survey, you will find that of these 40 percent of families where women are the main breadwinner, more than 60 percent are single-parent households, AKA women raising kids alone (no wonder that they are the “main” breadwinners here, but how misleading and disturbing).

The distribution is more or less as follows:

  • 60 percent of U.S. families are two-parent families where men are the main or only breadwinner.
  • 15 percent are two-parent families where women are the main or sole breadwinner.
  • 25 percent of U.S. families are single-parent families, the vast majority of which are women and therefore they are the only breadwinner.

This is disturbing on so many fronts:

  • First and foremost, how come we reached a situation where ONE QUARTER of family units with children are single-parent families? That is so fundamental, so bad and critical for the future of this country. I bet that a significant majority of these family units are living well below the average standard of living and a big part are in poverty.
  • The above point is the main takeaway from this survey; not the stupid brouhaha that the media made of it, as if it shows a major progress by women. The dishonesty and lack of professional integrity by media outlets is staggering and is driven by the culture of trying to show that women are superior to men. One needed to hear the reporting that followed the publication of the study to understand the level of a female bias with twisting the facts to suit that story line.
  • I, for one, would question why is it that in ONLY 15 percent of total family units, which equates to 20 percent of total two-parents units, women are the main breadwinner? I am not critical of it but it is an important question. I am sure that the main reason for that phenomenon is the tendency of women to want to stay at home with their children for at least part of the childhood, which results in no earnings or less earnings while they devote their time to child upbringing. This is important, welcome, and should be celebrated—not ignored or considered a bad thing. Let me be clear here: I am not suggesting that women SHOULD stay at home more than men do. I am saying that it is a fact. Medical science has not yet found a way to make men give birth and until it does, it is a fact that the woman’s connection with the baby is stronger than that of the men. Over the years, it equalizes. Again, not a morale judgment, but a statement of fact. Celebrate diversity; do not force “gender neutrality.”
  • The media’s obsession with showing women’s progress to superiority over men, and thus use of this survey in a totally skewed and dishonest way, resulted in masking the real shocking result of this survey—that 25 percent of family units are single-parent units. They missed an opportunity to shine a light on this terrible problem and try to do something about it.

To add insult to injury, all the shallow, ignorant media outlets did not forget to mention the “often quoted” and WIDELY discredited study that shows that women still earn about 74 percent of what men earn. While correct as a standalone average fact, it does not take into account relevant and significant reasons for this disparity, such as the fact that women do break their career for child bearing AND upbringing more than men; and that women do choose careers that allow them to work more reasonable hours (not all women but as a whole), again in order to be the main homemakers.

In the last few years, courtesy of the Obama agenda and politicization of this issue, combined with the supine media that follows him wherever he leads them without any critical analysis of the facts, I feel that the U.S. has reached a stage where it is in danger of crossing an important line that will castrate men and make them “gender neutral.” The reason all these societies that currently depress and prevent women’s involvement in life are backwards is because they use only 50 percent of their population to progress their society and only one type of approach—the male approach. The U.S. is at the beginning of the long road to do the same for men, and this has to be stopped right now before it is too late.