From 8/3

So, the U.S. has its tail between its legs. How the mighty have fallen. Who would have thought? And all that is occurring under the president that came to power to “improve” America’s standing in the world. What a joke.
How else can one interpret the closure of 22 embassies all over the Muslim world?

Embassies have lost their actual executive importance of bygone eras but they are still the symbolic presence of the world’s last remaining super power, or at least it was a super power. Clearly under president Obama, it is NOT a super power anymore. Embassies are supposed to be the proud representation of the U.S. and what it stands for—freedom, human rights, democracy, AND confident POWER! The closure of these embassies is shameful and should receive derision abroad and outrage at home. Abroad there is plenty of derision—the US is the laughing stock of the world. But where is the outrage at home?

We are hearing that the embassies will be closed on Sunday. And then what? Obviously whatever terror attack was planned for Sunday, assumingly, will not now take place on Sunday. So shall we close these embassies on Monday, too? How about the rest of the week? Maybe to be on the safe side, for the rest of August, take a European-style “Vacance…”

But ultimately the safest thing is just to close these embassies all together and withdraw from the Middle East. Is that not what Al Qaeda wanted? This was their only demand, their only justification for 9/11/2001. Let’s give it to them and then we can live in peace, right?

Is that not the logical conclusion from this debacle?

The suggestion from administration officials and their stupid, ignorant, lazy media enablers is that Al Qaeda puts significance on dates. This is RUBBISH (please excuse my language but I am really outraged by this entire episode)! I wrote about it so many times that it is simply infuriating. Please tell me what was the significance of 9/11 before 9/11/2001? Or the date of the first attack on the world trade center in 1993, or the attack on the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 or the attack on the Cole in 2000, and on and on and on. Nonsense. There is no date significance. They attack when they can. When they are ready. When all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. What is so infuriating about it, is that administration officials go on TV news shows and state it as if it is the truth and no one challenges them.

We keep making the same mistake again and again. We keep reflecting our values, norms, and symbolism on Muslims. Because we believe that there is logic to put importance on special dates in the calendar, we assume that they will, too.

Having said all that: PRAY TELL, what is the significance of August 4th?

I am all in favor of reacting to credible intelligence. One should do that. One should for sure enhance security in all these embassies by much. One should instruct diplomats on how to take special precautions; one should, as the department of State did, issue a travel warning. All that is fine. Maybe even reduce non-essential personal in embassies for a period. But closing the entire embassy and diplomatic outpost system in the entire Muslim world?
That is shameful., of course, in their despicable anti-Israeli policy, included the embassy in Tel Aviv as one of the embassies to be closed. No one else did. Indeed they put that embassy first on the list in spite of the fact that it is definitely not one of the embassies subject to these security concerns. Only later they changed the posting. They did not say, “Sorry, we were mistaken.” No. They said, “Oh, the Tel Aviv embassy will be closed on Sunday as it normally is.” Great.

P.S. It is now Monday the 5th and indeed the decision was made to close most of these embassies for the rest of the week as I predicted above. And what then? I have a sneaking suspicion that Al Qaeda is generating the chatter in order to play the U.S. and that they have nothing planed. Is that not the ultimate terror weapon? They just need to chatter about it and the U.S. reacts in fear and trepidation…great!