I said many times that the media is liberal, appeasement minded, and dishonest. I’ve also said many times that they are slimy and do things in an underhanded manner.

Here is a factual example: A few days ago, on the eve of Jewish New Year, media outlets were all a buzz with the news that the new Iranian president tweeted a Shana Tova blessing to ALL the Jews. Given that the media is going all out to try and paint the new Iranian president, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, as a moderate, that fits the bill and was clearly news worthy.

I have to admit that even to a media skeptic, as I am, the flood of reporting on this event from ALL media outlets was convincing. It also speaks for my lack of experience with how easy it is to fake a twitter message.

So, yes, the ostensible blessing from the Iranian president was not true, it is now clear that it was a fake (see below).

Having seen the aforementioned flood, I was expecting to see significant reporting on the fact that it is a fake. But it was not to be. I have seen NOTHING on CNN, for instance, which made a big point of the original message or any other outlets.

So I decided to go for the web. I searched Google for the following item: “Rouhani’s posted wishes for a ‘blessed Rosh Hashanah’” As neutral as you can get. Google came back with over 50,000 results and I went through the first six pages of those. To be clear, I only looked at the Google results page, I did not try to enter each article.

Thirty-six of the entries stated the fact that the message was sent including superlatives like “surprising,” “diplomatic breakthrough,” and words like “moderate,” etc. Only fourteen indicate that the message may have not actually been sent by him. Of those fourteen, at least half are not categorical about it but go like this headline from the LA Times blog: “Iran’s new leader sends Jews New Year’s greetings—or does he”? So one has to read to the end before one gets the idea that maybe there is doubt here, maybe.

Reuters takes the prize of being disingenuous by making a post late afternoon Saturday, when the denials regarding the message were already abundantly clear, referencing Netanyahu’s being “unimpressed” and making the entire post sound like the blessings were factual and Netanyahu being hard and non-responsive. Not even a hint that that there is even a doubt about the authenticity of these tweets.

To be clear, the denial that the message was sent came from both the official Iranian news agency and from the president’s office—so there cannot be any doubt here.

That is how the media shapes our view, with dishonesty, lack of integrity, and lack of professionalism.