The scorn and humiliation that Brazil delivered on the U.S. has gone largely unnoticed.

President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil canceled her Washington trip and a state dinner, which is a VERY big deal. Not many such occasions occur in the White House. Indeed I think that during Obama’s five years, there were less than a handful. She rejected it in spite of a twenty-minute call with Obama on a Saturday trying to talk her out of it, where he was presumably close to begging her not to cancel.

The excuse? The NSA listening program—facetious, of course. Everyone who is anyone knows that the NSA is listening to them as much as they can. There was NO secret here. What is new is that it appeared all over the world on headline news.

So what?

Being invited to the most powerful, most important country in the world, and being the guest of honor  at the most coveted event that such country bestows on visiting heads of state used to be worth a lot. Brazil’s president rejected the visit not because of the NSA, but because she felt she had nothing to gain. The U.S. has become the butt of jokes and has very weak international standing. It is no longer the most important country in the world.

I am sure that she would not have canceled a visit to Moscow, even though she knows, as do I and anyone who applies their mind to it, that Russia is snooping, spying, and listening as much as their technology allows them, and because it is hopefully not as developed as the U.S., they resort to much cruder means to do their spying.

I predict that we will soon hear of exactly such a visit.

What a snub.


I wrote about the tragedy in Darfur and generally in Africa many times. The complete stoic indifference with which the democratic world treats Africa is staggering, allowing atrocities to occur there left, right, and center, and just going on as if nothing happened.

Actually, I want to rephrase that. It is not the democratic world that is ignoring Africa, but shamefully and so uncharacteristically, it is the U.S. that ignores Africa. The UK intervened in Sierra Leone not so many years ago to bring a terrible civil war to an end in its once colony. France did the same just recently in Mali. And the U.S.? Nothing.

The terrible thing about all this is that it takes so very little force to achieve things in Africa.

Back in 2010, I wrote a blog. It referred to an article by Mia Farrow that was very critical of Obama for his handling, or rather, ignoring Darfur. I was upset with Ms. Farrow that all she was asking for was a “diplomatic offensive.” When will all these self-declared “do gooders” learn that sometimes after all else fails, ONLY force and BRUTE force works?

Well, maybe she has learned that.

In a new article in the WSJ that Ms. Farrow published yesterday, she at long last is calling for military action.

BRAVO Mia Farrow! About time too!

By the way, good luck with that and your chosen precious President!