We keep hearing how terrible a shutdown will be for the Republicans. The public will blame them and they will suffer badly in the forthcoming 2014 elections. We are being told that this is the lesson of history based on the last government shutdown back in 1995/6, the blame for which, so we are told, was firmly laid by the public at the feet of Republicans with significant (unspecified) negative consequences to them that followed such blame.

We hear it from all the usual media suspects but surprisingly also from more balanced commentators like Brit Hume, who keeps harping about it, to his great discredit.

How about we look at the FACTS for a change!

The elections were held on November 5th 1996. Bill Clinton, a VERY popular AND successful president with strong economic growth at his back, won a massive landslide. His Republican opponent was the lackluster, although VERY honorable, Robert Dole. Clinton won 379 electoral votes versus 159 to Dole.

Also, 31 states voted for him compared to 19 for Dole. In excess of 8,000,000 people voted for him more than did for Dole. The fact that the peculiar Ross Perot was running caused this to be a 49.2% of popular vote, but it is still one of the most impressive second-term wins ever.

Against this background, it was only logical and to be expected that the president would have a “coat-tails” effect and carry many democrats with him. The infamous government shutdowns that supposedly so affected the results of these elections occurred in late 1995 and early 1996, and lasted for a total of 28 days.

So…what happened? Was it an electoral disaster? A “shellacking” as president Obama called the real thrashing that Democrats suffered in the 2010 elections, where they have lost over SIXTY seats in the house?

What happened? Surely something similar, right?

Republicans lost two seats in the house. I repeat TWO and remained in a twenty-one-seat majority. Wow. That is a REAL bad. What the deuce is all the big fuss about?

To crown it all, Republicans won two seats in the senate, which increased their majority to ten. I repeat: WHAT IS ALL THE BIG FUSS ABOUT?! When will the MEDIA start doing their homework or stop being so biased? Why is it that the conservative media falls along with the popular narrative this time, even though it is patently wrong?

Why are Republicans not setting the record straight?