1. Duh
A review published in the prestigious British Medical Journal finds that exercise is as effective as drugs for cardio vascular diseases. Really, you don’t say. Shocking! I knew that for twenty-five years at least. What else do we need studies for?

2. I Told You So
I am going to start a section of “I told you so” comments. I am wrong many times and when I am, I usually do a Mea culpa about it. It is time for me to brag a little. So, on Monday of last week, September 21st newspaper headlines were full of superlatives to describe German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s win in the elections that took place the day before. It was historic, unprecedented, etc., etc.

I wrote a blog that called it a Pyrrhic victory. Now reality is beginning to sink in. Many commentators are beginning to comment about how much concession she will need to give in order to remain in power. The WSJ on Tuesday, in an article 180 degrees opposed to the congratulatory adulation atmosphere of just one week before, is quoting, among others, a Mr. Gero Neugebauer, a political scientist in the Free University of Berlin, as saying that the election look like a…wait for it…Pyrrhic victory.

Welcome to reality.

3. Civil Courage
A bunch of banks CEOs are visiting the president in the White House today. I hope that at least ONE of them will have the courage to ask the president why is he, as the CEO of USA, Inc. is absent in the shut-down debate. And to remind him that the bucks stops with him. Good luck with that.