I see very little eye to eye with the president or his Democratic cohorts. At least they are effective at doing what it is that they are trying to achieve, and without doubt, they control the agenda and narrative in the media.

I agree with almost all that the Republicans are trying to do. Yet I am shocked, dismayed, and very concerned about their lack of:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • But mostly their lack of media savvy

Do they not have a media consultant? Can they not hire a good PR firm that will tell them how to present their case and how to handle the media?

Take the government shut-down debate. Their performance is simply appalling. Appalling is a compliment compared to their performance. One does not even know where to begin. There is NO ONE, NOT ONE Republican who is effective at delivering their message. That is eloquent enough to be effective with the media. That is articulate to be able to present a good case to the public. It is true that the media is EXTREMELY biased against them, but all the more reason why they need someone who knows how to talk. I believe that if they had someone like that they could have gotten more positive attention from the media too, and as such, that would be a force multiplier. Yet they have NONE!
It is simply unbelievable. Dismaying.

If I were, say, John Boehner, I would call a press conference and say the following:

  • Elections have consequences and we, Republicans, won a clear majority in the House based, at least, in part, on our pledge to repeal ObamaCare
  • ObamaCare is highly unpopular
  • While it is the law of the land, it is the Constitution of this country, which is even a higher authority than the “law of the land,” that the House has the power of the purse.

Based on the above points alone, we are duty bound to try and defund ObamaCare. However, given this president’s intransigence and refusal to negotiate, we gave up on this effort. We tried to repeal, we tried to defund, we tried to delay all to no avail, and being responsible people we GAVE UP ON IT. While it remains very much our commitment and on our agenda, we are NOT tying repeal or defund of ObamaCare to the Continuing Resolution (CR) any longer. We conceded that point. I want that to be clear.

On Saturday evening, 48 hours before the deadline, we advised the senate accordingly. We sent them a CR, which GAVE UP on all of the above demands. We only asked for two amendments, NONE of which are a change to the ObamaCare LAW:

  • First: We will NOT appropriate funds to pay for an executive decision by the president which is NOT part of the law, indeed we think it flies in the face of the law and it makes a special preference of the president, of us, and of our staffs. We will NOT fund that element. The president, we, and our staff, should not be a special case with better benefits than Americans in general. We will NOT appropriate funds for this “special” treatment of ourselves. This has nothing to do with the law.
  • Second: The president decreed, without the legal power to do so, to change the law so as not to fine employers if they fail to meet the terms of the law. He is the one who is dismantling the law. We do not believe that he had the legal power to do so. We are prepared, however, to ratify and codify in law his decision IF and only if he will also agree that individuals who do not fulfill the requirements of the law will not be fined in the first 12 months. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. In this case, that’s equal playing fields for corporations with lobbyists and for individual Americans!

These are the only two conditions to the CR which we sent to the senate on Saturday and could have been approved by them on Sunday if they had taken their fat asses back to work and by the president on Monday morning.

This does not dismantle ObamaCare, it does not defund it, we gave up on all that.

Where are the president and his democratic cohorts? Why did they elect to shut the government down against these two imminently reasonable points that we made? I would like to remind the president that he is the CEO of this great nation. He may try to put the blame on others as he always does, but the buck stops with him.

That is what I would say to the media if I was the speaker. It is clear, concise, and has the added advantage of being true!