In the “I told you so” column, it is nice to see that the WSJ and its Deputy Editorial Page Director no less have at long last come to the conclusion that the Republicans have a messaging/media strategy problem!

In his article in the WJS on October 16th Daniel Henninger writes that: “For all the changes in information delivery, not much ever changes for the GOP’s messaging skills.”

I wrote that as long ago as immediately after the elections, when I clearly pinpointed the MAIN reason for the defeat was the lack of media skills, and I repeated that just recently in my blog “Republican Media Strategy.” 

There are many reasons why the Republican are so hapless as they are, but the main one, the one that will change it all, is their poor media skills.

Fox News scored a nice homerun by attracting George Will, one of the top three conservative thinkers/writers to join their daily news panel at Special Report. At first, I was concerned that it may clash with Charles Krauthammer who also belongs in that rarefied group (with Bill Kristol being the third, although his appearances on Fox are now very rare. I wonder why?) but I now learn that these two are very close friends, which does not surprise me.

Thus Fox News’ Special Report daily bulletin has entrenched its position as the best news broadcast in all the networks, cable, or broadcast. By far.

The hypocrisy and stupidity of politicians knows no bound. The Germans now jump on the bandwagon of pounding on the NSA and the USA for listing to their phones. Really? Did they not know it? Do they not know that the Chinese are doing it as we speak and much more so? Trying to beat on the Americans maybe a popular pass time especially given this weak president. However, let’s remember here who came to Europe’s rescue twice in the last 100 years, who shed blood and treasure doing that. Who in “retaliation against” Germany for starting WWII gave them FREE loans to rebuild the country after the war, which made them what they now are and who spent and continues to spend a fortune to keep Germans safe and alive. Shame on Merkel! The positive surprise again is the behavior of the French, who more or less took it in stride. To think that this is the result of the president’s pledge to improve American standing in the world . . . standing that, according to him, was harmed by his predecessor. How laughable! When will he learn that a superpower can NEVER be loved. It is either respected or disdained. During Bush it was respected because of its masculine foreign policy. During Obama it is scorned because of his weakness.