So much ink, so much waveband has been used over the last week or so to discuss the launch of ObamaCare that there is really little I can add. At least for once a story gets wall-to-wall coverage that DESERVES it!

The big, HUGE issue, of course, is that ObamaCare is where the rubber meets the road. Where the president’s grand vision of BIG GOOD government meets reality.

The reality, as I have written many times, is that government is the most inefficient organization around. That is why the geniuses who were behind the foundation of the US sought to LIMIT the role of government. Unfortunately over the years their mediocre successors slowly but surely eroded this beautiful, simple, and correct concept and allowed it to become a farce. Surely, there is no other way to describe the launch of the one and only signature “achievement” of the president’s administration—his entire legacy.

I know it is too much to hope that progressives will understand that this IS the proof that government can NEVER be good or efficient. The more liberal you are the more you are part of the “do not confuse with me with facts, I have made up my mind” theology. They are so convinced that they have the superior moral views and ideas that NOTHING in the real world matters. They are convinced that they want to do good, and they do, but they will never admit that their ideas of HOW to achieve that result are defunct. While, one already hears some of the more reasonable liberal commentators admitting the failure here, yet they are saying that this does not mean that government can never be efficient or do good. I have news for them—it means EXACTLY that. Government simply can NOT be efficient or good. It can and should only be involved in those things that the free market cannot handle.

The usual defense by these commentators, and you hear it time and time again now, is “look at the military” as an example of something good that the government is doing. The suggestion that the military is an example of government at its best are irrelevant for two reasons:

  • While good and strong, the military is HUGELY inefficient. It is the most wasteful entity in the WORLD.
  • There is no free market alternative to military. There is to health care.

Other than the total failure of government demonstrated here in the most dramatic fashion imaginable, there are few points worth mentioning:

  • Even for a government, this failure is spectacular. They had three and a half years and hundreds of millions of dollars to work on the most important achievement of this president. Even this most inefficient of organizations could have been expected to do better. So what happened? This is the other amazing phenomenon of the Obama administration—the president lacks ANY experience or talent for executive power, for execution. Yet he is so arrogant that he cannot bring himself to understand that people with executive talent and experience are important. This is why he surrounds himself with other big government types who never had any executive experience either and are simply lackeys. He is contemptuous of executives. He does not believe that they have much to contribute. Remember the “you did not build that” comment? Well, yes, Mr. President. We actually did build that and you cannot build anything without our type of people.
  • Neither the president nor the secretary of HHS even tried to apologize. Unacceptable, sure. They like this word . . . but sorry? I apologize? NEVER, not once. That did not stop them from blaming others—Republicans, of course.
  • Many commentators focus their criticism on the fact that the program was launched in time as opposed to delaying it for few weeks in order to “fix” it. What? After 3.5 years they need MORE time? There is absolutely NO software program that I and others in the private sector could not have gotten off the ground from scratch in 3.5 years and $500,000,000. NONE. It would have worked beautifully without a hitch, glitch, or whatever else you want to call it. A program of this importance with so much time and money would have been tested out the wazoo! It would have been efficient. The idea that after 3.5 years they need more time is simply LUDICROUS!
  • Liberals and progressive defend the program by repeatedly referencing the millions of people who would now be able to have health insurance that could not before. The jury is still out if indeed the numbers of such people will be material, BUT what about the TENS of millions who will LOSE their coverage as a result of this terrible program, or at the very least will have to pay 50–100% more in premiums to maintain an equal or mostly inferior product. What about the service levels that are bound to be inferior for almost everyone?

Most importantly, when will someone on the Democratic side come out and say out loud: This fix to the health care system caused more damage than good. We could have and should have found fixes that would IMPROVE the overall system, rather than make it worse. No one disputes that there are some good things in ObamaCare but they are dwarfed and subsumed by the bad things.

It is all about Cost-Benefit and not absolutes.