On Saturday night September 28, the House passed a bill to fund the government for the entire 2014 fiscal year, subject to two conditions only:

  • Requiring all cronies (my term) to be part of ObamaCare, i.e., all of DC’s political establishment—starting from the president, Congress members, and their staff—to participate in the ACA and be subject to its terms. That is in contrast to the special provisions that Obama declared unilaterally and in breach of the actual law that allow them to get more subsidies than provided by the law.
  • Delay the individual mandate by one year—this is a misnomer. The only thing that this provision would do would be to delay the PENALTY if you as an individual did not enroll. It does not stop you from enrolling, should you wish to do so.

That bill was shot down in flames by the Senate to cheers of the media and derision poured on Republicans.

My suggestion?

Pass that EXACT bill as a standalone right now. Put the above two provisions in a House Bill, pass, and send it to Senate right now. Let’s see what happens:

  • Either all the Democrats will again vote against it, which would lay bare the claims of those vulnerable Democrats that they are trying to fight the White House to protect their constituents, or
  • There will be enough Democrats who will clamor to pass the bill.

If the latter happens, Republicans will be vindicated in such a form that even the biased media will be left speechless.

The Speaker could then claim with strength and authority that it was the stubbornness, ignorance, and lack of foresight of Democrats that caused the government shutdown and that Republicans were right all along.

Why is no one suggesting and talking about this? Why aren’t Republicans doing it?

On a slightly different but related topic, why is the media focusing so much on asking why was the web site launch not delayed, given its terrible status on October 1, instead of asking the real question: Why was it not ready on time, after 3.5 years of the law passing and $500,000,000 spent?