I have been saying for years that the president is a liar. I know that this is a very strong and indeed shocking statement in the Politically Correct culture of this country, but it still true. So now after all these years, a significant portion of the media and punditry world has come to the same conclusion. It’s about time.

The irony is that in this specific case, they are actually not accurate. This just shows you the shallowness of the media and its punditry.

But first thing first.

Back in August 2010, I wrote a blog where I basically said (I was still trying to be polite then), that the President is not telling us the truth. Given that I just started my blog a month before, that is not bad. I advanced to this blog
in early 2012. I have repeated the fact that the president is lying many times before and after on many blogs.

Whenever I did make this serious accusation I qualified it by explaining that he does not lie for his own self-gratification but because he deeply believes that what he is doing is good for America, and that if it takes lies to get it through—they are justified. As I said many times, like many ideologues, he believes that the goal justifies the means.

I repeatedly asked, where is the media? Where are the pundits that will expose his lies? All to no avail.

So it is ironic that now when he actually said something that is actually accurate, everyone is ganging up on him and saying that he lied.

It all revolves around his now infamous statement: “If you like your heath coverage, you can keep it, period.” With millions of policies being cancelled, the media and the punditry world are saying that he lied. Unfortunately a sophisticated analysis and accurate understanding of what he said proves that he actually did NOT lie.

What the president said was that if you like your policy, you can keep it. He was clearly referring to policies that were in force on or before the date of the ObamaCare law. He did NOT say that if the policy changes you can still keep it. He did not say that if you change your policy to a new one after the relevant date you will be able to keep it come ObamaCare implementation date. Anyone who is even slightly experienced knows what the meaning of the term “grandfathered” is. It enshrines what was there on a certain date. It does NOT give license to change what was there. It is true that in most regulations that provide for “grandfathering,” there is some element of flexibility so that minor changes do not eviscerate the essence of the grandfathering. However, given the whole philosophy behind ObamaCare, given that they really did not WANT to allow for grandfathering and did it only in order to have the law pass, it is not surprising that the regulations here are strict—no changes. ANY change will cause the elimination of the grandfathering concession.

Furthermore, Republicans and pundits are up-in-arms about a memo from HHS back in 2010 that projected that two-thirds of existing policies in the individual markets will be canceled by the time the law comes into effect. They point to it as proof that the President knew that he was misleading the nation, thus lying. Unfortunately that again is not correct. A simple understanding of what the HHS memo says shows that they were making the prediction based on PAST, pre ObamaCare NATURAL changes in the market. Irrespective of ObamaCare, about two-thirds of individual policies change over a three-year period. People move, people’s needs change, insurers change their policies, etc. Bottom line, the president’s statement was accurate if very, very narrow and overall could be considered misleading.

However, that can be said on 90% of what he says. He always parses words and spins things to the umpteenth degree. This is not a lie. This is misleading at best and even that I say with caution, as people should have known better.

To some extent it exposes the naiveté of Republicans and media more than it shows anything new regarding the president.

Still, it does give me GREAT joy to see him at long last twisting in the wind due to his words, for what the Germans will call Schadenfreude!

Hoisted with his own petard!