How would you feel about the president if a new law he enacted was the direct cause of the crash of seven fully loaded jumbo jets and the resulting deaths of over 3,000 people? He just did, and they are about to crash and die.

In all the sea of ink and terabits of band wave used to describe the ObamaCare debacle, no one talks about the effect of this on human life. We all heard about the millions of health insurance policies that are being canceled. According to the president, it is a tiny minority 1–2% at most, according to him.

Given that the opportunities for them to enroll in new insurance coverage are limited due to the debacle of the “web site,” it is not clear to me where these people will find new insurance. After all, those who enrolled are only 3% at best of those that were cancelled—also a tiny minority.

I am sure that over the next few months, things will improve but these cancelations come into effect on January 1st!

It is safe to assume that the vast majority of the people whose policies were canceled will find a solution one way or the other. So let’s make an assumption here using the comfort zone of percentages that say 90% of those will get new coverage on time or soon after that.

What will happen to the remaining 10%? They will struggle; many of them are healthy anyway and can afford to have no coverage for a year, two, or three. Some will get ER treatment, which is not good but okay. But there will be another tiny minority, say 1%, that will not be okay; between the lack of medical treatment until the ER stage, between the change in their routine (new doctors, new medicine, no timely tests etc.) some will actually lose their life due to not having coverage or having a new coverage with new rules, doctors etc. that they are not used to. This sounds dramatic but heck…it is only a tiny 1% of the 10% of the 1%. No big deal right? It is a tiny minority.

I decided to do the math behind the comforting percentages:

  • So say 1% of the people in the US had their policies cancelled (that is the lower level estimate) so that is 3,150,000 people.
  • Say 90% of them will get coverage in the next few months. That leaves only 10% with no coverage long term—so of 3,150,000, that is about 315,000 people.
  • Say that only a tiny 1% of those die of these changes, surely that is not too bad right? We live in a hard world of “sh*t happens.” So 1% of 315,000 is 3,150 people.

The President’s unnecessary and bad ObamaCare act is responsible for the crash and deaths of all the passengers of SEVEN fully loaded jumbo jets. Would you accept that as sanguinely as you do the ObamaCare debacle?

One could defend the president by saying that this type of change happens anyway every year. People change their health insurance for their own reasons—good or bad. I am sure that the friction created by these changes is not good for most people, and again a tiny minority will probably pay with their lives for such change.

However, this is IN ADDITION to the normal change. This is on TOP of it. We may accept that bad things happen in this world (car accidents, as an example) but we do not expect our president to purposefully contribute to such bas things happening, right?

If this is not a good cause for impeaching him, what will be?