A glance at the NY Times Best Sellers list in the non-fiction category must make the liberal intelegencia elite shudder.

Number one is a book written by one of the top conservative thinkers of our age, and to make matters worse, a person who used to be a liberal—Charles Krauthammer.

Number two is neither here nor there, so it does not matter for this blog.

Number three is a book with clear religious connotations: Killing Jesus. Religion itself is something that our intelegencia frowns upon. The fact that this book is written by one of the left main scourges, Bill O’Reilly, surely makes them shudder and turn in their virtual graves.

Number four is another book on a subject that the intelegencia feels ambivalent about—the Founding Fathers and the war of independence (George Washington’s Secret Six) that it is written by another Fox News personality, Brian Kilmeade. I am sure that pains them into contrition.

But it all pales into insignificance when you consider number five: Miracles and Massacres, by Glenn Beck. Come on. Really?

Who is buying books in this country? What does this say about the nation?

What does the fact that the top echelons of the bestsellers list for weeks and months are occupied by conservative thinkers and writers and involves subjects that are anathema to the liberal intelegencia say about the state of society?

Is it possible that the circles of the “intelegencia” are not that intelligent?