My frustration with the media is well documented. Take this Sunday’s crop of political talk shows, for example.

  • Fox News Sunday: Why in the world Fox would choose to raise the issue of gun control to the level of the main feature of their Sunday political talk show is bewildering to me. I wrote about it before in my blog, “Tragedy in Sandy Hook: Hypocrisy in America.”  I am not against reasonable control on guns, but it is beyond me why this negligible issue that has so little effect on the nation’s life (as opposed to the huge effect it has on the victims) should have so much prominence. I am sure that in any unaided recognition test, gun control would not rank in the top ten most important issues for this nation, and rightly so.
  • GPS: Fareed Zakaria is always reliable to be hypocritical and the chief appeaser. One of his segments this week was: What is wrong with the perception of Islam. It is the perception that is wrong; nothing substantive, just perception. Really? I ask again as I asked before—is Mr. Zakaria a Muslim? He was born (in India) to a Muslim family. He may have since chosen a different religion; maybe he is an atheist. I do not know and I do not normally care, but when you are hosting an opinionated political talk show, it is important to know. I direct my readers to my “full disclosure” post every time they go on my blog. In it, and in other blogs, I clearly state that I am originally from Israel and that I have family there. It is a relevant point to people who read my blogs, and much more so to those who watch GPS.

Continuing on the appeasement track, there was also a segment on North Korea (NK). Again we hear how out of control it is, and how even China cannot control them. BS! When will Zakaria and others finally accept that China can and does control North Korea? Their control is manifested by allowing this crazy régime to do what they want when they want, so as to create another conflict focal point for the West, to distract it from other more important issues such as China itself. Furthermore, when they see fit, they will clearly direct the actions of NK including, possibly one day if it suits them, starting another conflict in the Korean peninsula. The sooner we will understand and accept that, the sooner we can act to neutralize it.

  • Meet the Press: The “frustration cake” goes, as in many times before, to Meet the Press—the doyen of Sunday political talk shows. The longest-running program on TV. The lack of fairness and the abundance of bias on this show is always a source of astonishment to me. How can you maintain your position as the leading political talk show, yet be so unfair and so biased? The “crop” from this week:
    • The panel was made of one fairly moderate, center, Democrat Bill Richardson; and one journalist who is supposed to be a moderate and center but leaning conservative, Kathleen Parker. Not sure I agree with that description of her but even if I do, she is also known to be a failed TV communicator, having failed miserably in her own TV talk show. She may be a good reporter and she may be conservative leaning, but she is not a good TV debater to represent the Republican side. There were also two strongly left-of-center journalists: Time’s Nancy Gibbs and NPR’s Steve Inskeep. Where is the balance here? All this left-of-center-leaning bunch was led by the left of center anchor, David Gregory. Is it surprising that the panel was very one-sided? Just to compare to another Sunday talk show as an example, the panel in Fox’s program was made of four reporters, of which two are strong conservatives: Bill Kristol and Brit Hume, the left-of-center Julie Pace who is AP’s White House correspondent, and the libel stalwart Bob Woodward. All led by the minutely right-of-center anchor Chris Wallace.
    • One of the main segments was Gregory’s interview of Paul Ryan and Patty Murray. Very topical and a good interview overall. Why did Murray agree to appear on Meet the Press and declined to meet with Ryan, who was there alone, on Fox News Sunday? It is her prerogative, of course, but I believe that it shows the aggressive way Democrats are trying to change the rules of the game. I as a Fox watcher am entitled to see her too. This is not an isolated event. The entire administration and top liberal Democrats are boycotting Fox and that is atrocious.
    • Why was Gregory focused so much during both the above interview and the panel discussion on the strong objection from right-wingers to the budget compromise? Not ONE word, not one, was mentioned about the fact that as many Democrats in the House voted against the budget compromise. Is it not fair to assume that if you have so many objections from the Democratic side, it too is worth some coverage? Why highlight only the Republican inner conflict and ignore the Democratic?