Over the last few weeks, we’ve had three different occasions of people saying things that were obnoxious and rude. The consequences of each of them saying what they did varied materially:

Martin Bashir: The extreme-left firebrand, possibly a Marxist, MSNBC talk-show host quite regularly defamed many on the conservative right. He hates them with passion. Sarah Palin has been on the top of his list for a long time now. A few weeks ago, he took it one step too far. Not only did he call her an idiot, something that he did many times before, but he added a description of what he thought her punishment should be. This was so rude, vulgar, out there, and over the top that even MSNBC felt that he overstepped the bounds and fired him. But it took them about four weeks of protesting from many media pundits to do that. They really had to be forced to do it. The sheer rudeness and vulgarity of what he said was simply despicable, but still it took the liberal Politically Correct crowd weeks and weeks to come to the decision that he needed to go.

Phil Robertson: One of the main stars of what seems to be the most successful realty show on TV, Duck Dynasty (Confession: I’ve never seen it and have NO desire to ever see it; it is probably as far from anything that I am as one can go. I only saw some of the stars of this show a few times on other programs and only for the brief seconds it took me to reach the remote and move on—not my cup of tea…) declared that Homosexuality is “sinful behavior.” He was suspended indefinitely from the show within 24 hours.

John Podesta: A DC consummate insider, former chief of staff for Clinton, founder and head of Center for American Progress, as liberal a DC think-tank as they go, was hired this past week by the White House as the “savior.” He was supposed to “shake” thing down and sort out everything after the disastrous final quarter of 2013 for the president, the White House, in view of the poll rankings. He’s an experienced DC stable hand. Well it came out few days ago, that he told a reporter in a full on-the-record interview few weeks ago (but published just now) that the Republican party are like a murderous suicidal cult (the Jamestown incident where about 1,000 people mostly young lost their lives). He was fired on the spot. Well…not really. He issued an apology. A TWITTER apology, thus less than 140 characters long. That is considered to be a sufficient.

So, in conclusion, here are a few rules for the Politically Correct regime:

  • If you malign a conservative politician, you can usually get away with it. Don’t overdo it and if you do, there’s a 50/50 chance you will survive.
  • If you malign the Gay Community, you are out in a heartbeat.
  • If you bad-mouth the Republicans, you can be the next president!

In what world does comparing an opposing party to murderous thugs by a high-ranking White House official is acceptable, while saying some erroneous but not particularly vile statements about the gay community earn you immediate suspension, even if you are a larger-than-life character made for TV?

What hypocrisy.