The debacle of the PPACA (Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act) is continuing. The name of the act is ironic. If ever there was a name that was an antonym, this is it—neither patient protection nor affordable.

In the famous words of Senator Max Baucus back in April, it is a train wreck.

I am still shocked that virtually NO ONE has exposed the brutal truth that this debacle will cost people their lives as I wrote here.

The WSJ, in their editorial on Saturday December 14, did use the words “deadly” but it was subdued.

In spite of my view of the media, I am again shocked by the superficiality of the cover. They focus on the so-called “delay” in the individual mandate, which is meaningless, but not on the fact that millions of people who used to have health coverage will not have it come January 1st. Some of these people needed and used the coverage. Some of them will die due to the lack of coverage. Even those who can find some alternative coverage will find the change difficult to cope with and will lose their lives. Where is the warning on that?

The Obama administration’s desperation apparent in its latest moves is due to the fact that they understand that they will be responsible for people dying. Notwithstanding the pressure the administration is putting on the insurance companies to provide coverage for people who did not pay, and to allow people to use their doctors even if they are not part of the coverage offered—people will die. Even the latest concession by the administration to allow people to declare “hardship” without any verification and thus be eligible for the so-called “catastrophic,” cheap, coverage will not avoid the terrible result of people dying.

People will die gratuitously for no good reason, due to the stupidity and the empty stance of moral superiority of this administration and its democratic followers—they know what is best for us.

I initially provided a meager defense for the president in terms of what is now considered the lie of the year (although it was really made in 2010): “if you like your health plan you can keep it, period.” I said many times that this president is a liar. He lies all the time. The fact that he was only caught now and on a subject that strictly speaking was not a lie—misleading, absolutely but not a lie—is a testament to the terrible media and the to the useless Republicans. But the thing is that the president and his administration are continuing to spin, obfuscate, and lie.

The enrollment numbers are provided on a drip basis, instead of as you’d expect, given technology these days, in full details and on a real-time basis. We still do not know how many people actually got insurance through the exchanges. All the numbers are tentative and refer to enrollment, as opposed to paying and being covered. Also we do not know the age profile that is so critical for the success of this program.

What a debacle. As I wrote in my blog, this goes way beyond the normal debacle that you expect from “big government.” It is due to the president’s inherent disdain for executives, for private entrepreneurs. This disdain resulted in the least efficient and most ideological administration ever. An administration that completely lacks the ability to do things, to execute, which is what we, in the private sector, do all the time.

But my strongest condemnation and anger is directed to those who are enabling this debacle. Those who, by their silence and cooperation, are allowing it all to happen.

I am referring to the insurance companies. They have been partners in this criminal conspiracy. (I use the term criminal on purpose). They have gone along with any administration edict, however ridiculous and harmful it is. They provided support and cover for this entire debacle. They skewed their plans so they will look cheap but in essence be both expensive (deductibles and co-pays) and bad (narrow provider lists; exclusion of the best, thus expensive, hospitals from the network). All the time demanding and getting subsidies and financial support from the administration to ensure that they are never at risk. They sold their soul to the devil.

Where is the courageous and strong insurance company CEO or a group of them to go out publically and denounce this entire disaster? Why is there no one there who is willing to do the responsible duty to society by exposing and denouncing this terrible program that was foisted on the American public against their will by a bunch of hypocritical politicians?

I come again to the conclusion that the roles of leadership in the private sector are full of cowards. They should all be scolded for that.