The above is the name of an article published in the WSJ on Monday December 23rd:

I do not recall ever seeing such a hard-hitting, blunt condemnation of the president’s economic policy.

I wrote before about his obsession with making the rich poorer instead of the poor richer. But here comes an article with details and numbers to prove it.

I also, of course, referenced recently the problem of the part-time jobs as opposed to full-time employment (created by ObamaCare) and this article contains the numbers to prove this too.

However, I do have few questions:

  • Why does it take a person in the private economy to write such a straight forward, simple-to-understand full-of-facts article? Where are all the pundits, the professors, and the supposed experts?
  • Given that the facts are so clear, when will this administration change course? How much longer can they hide behind ideology and dogma?
  • What does it say about Governor Christie’s economic policy (the writer is the chief economic advisor to Christie)? It sounds like a good sign. I am not a Christie fan but this is very encouraging.

This president is an ideologue zealot. The two sometimes can be used as synonyms. In the case of this president, they enforce each other. He really is that extreme. He truly believes that he is right; he does not care about the facts. He knows better. He employs the “don’t confuse me with facts, I made up my mind” kind of strategy—or maybe it is a philosophy?

As always, what is shocking to me is the media. Where are they? Where are the pundits? Why is there no huge outrage when the president keeps spinning the facts to suit his own ideology?

Recently, due to the ObamaCare debacle, the media has started being a bit more critical. How could they avoid it when it was staring them in the face? However, you already hear many of the media players starting to look for justifications to help the president out, even in the matter of ObamaCare. In a perverse way, they make the botched rollout a good thing. All the problems of the act are due to the rollout; therefore, in time it will be ok. No one looks at the substance any more.

This president’s willingness to spin, lie, and change his facts and statements on a dime as long as it fits his position of the day is legendary.

He can only get away with it because the media allows him to.