The cause célèbre this week is the kidnapping of 250 young Nigerian women by the Boko Haram terrorist group. This is an evil and horrifying act by an evil and horrifying terrorist group. I referenced them already in my blog of April 27th as part of my World Report. Admittedly it was only a passing reference without even calling them by name (I assumed that no one would know of whom I speak), as although I was very aware of them and their horrible acts, no one else in the Western media seemed to care. Neither did the Nigerian government care. For them all these acts are of no significance or consequence. Again, I have to remind us all that these people think differently than us and things that horrify us are nothing to them. This is a lesson worth remembering.

What I do not understand is where were all these celebrities when BH put fire to a boys’ school back in February? They killed every one that tried to escape being burned in the fire and about 60 boys were burned alive.

Where were they when BH attacked a village and killed about 200 people just a FEW DAYS AGO while the faux outrage over the girls kidnapping is at its peak?

Where have they been for the last 3 years when BH on a regular basis are burning churches and murdering Christians? They have chalked up thousands of such murders as of today.

Why do they think that this horrible event is more deserving of American power and action then… let me think… shall we say Ukraine, which has so much more devastating consequences and will cost in the long term so many more lives? What about 150,000 DEAD people, mostly innocent bystanders in Syria? Where is the outrage there?

I hear people like Jessie Jackson and the black caucus in the House of Representatives going out and demanding action. Why now? Why in this case and not in Darfur?

Why is it that the producers, writers, or whoever is responsible for the latest episode of the mediocre NCIS LA fictional TV series (completely different from the excellent original NCIS) do not know the difference between Darfur and South Sudan and mix the two in an episode? Sure, it’s admittedly fictional but what storyline purpose was served by mixing these two completely separate conflicts as one, other than pure ignorance?

The truth of the matter is all these people do not really care. It is fashionable so they join the bandwagon, post a tweet of 140 characters, and go to sleep peacefully “knowing” that they did their part for world peace. Excuse me but I say BS to that.

The prize as in many times before goes to the most reviled political talk show host, Fareed Zakaria of GPS, and his disgusting guest on this morning show—famed NYT writer Nicholas Kristof. Zakaria is highly intelligent, very eloquent, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to world affairs. Except he is wrong on the vast majority of the issues, and badly so. What really riled me up in GPS today is Kristof’s suggestion that the problem in Nigeria is not in the war between Christians and Muslims as the prior guest on the show suggested, but between extremists on both sides. The problem according to Kristof is that both Muslim and Christian extremists are doing horrible things. Really? Please give me ONE example of a Christian extreme movement anywhere in the world that comes close, even plays in the same ballpark as BH, Al Qaeda, and others. I just want ONE example.

It is stupid nonsense like this and the silence of appeasers like Zakaria when they hear such nonsense that causes this shallow and twitter level response by the West for all these terrible evil things that are occurring all over the world.

The king is weak so evildoers all over the world are raising their ugly heads. The sooner all these pundits, celebrities, and political leaders recognize it, the sooner and better the chance the West will have to tackle this evil before it is too late.