The VA scandal is well covered by the media, for a change. There is nothing that I can add that has not been said by others.

In short, it is proof positive that government has no business running healthcare systems, be it for the VA or Medicaid. Even ObamaCare is too influenced by government dictates and mandates, such that it is doomed. The VA should be privatized. There is no practical impediment to doing so.

The other main conclusion from the VA scandal, widely discussed, is Obama’s complete incompetence. This is a president who knew about the problems in the VA system BEFORE he got elected and as a candidate six years ago made the VA one of his main focus points. This is a president who was briefed in writing by the outgoing administration about problems with the VA system, specifically with the manipulation of the wait-times logs. During his five-plus years of presidency he asked for and received a 100 percent increase in the VA budget—yet nothing has improved.

He did not know about the scandal until he read it in the papers; he’s done nothing decisive to resolve it since it broke out thirty days ago, and people are continuing to suffer. Total incompetency.

In another example of such lack of competence, we hear that the president decided to go and visit the troops in Afghanistan on Sunday—KUDOS, seriously.

However, as it happens, a few hours after he landed in Bagram airport, only a distance of about a two-hour flight from there, the new prime mister of the largest democracy in the world was being sworn in. Why was president Obama not present? Other world leaders were. It could have been a MAJOR powerful move in declaring the alliance between India and the U.S. to be strong and close. Yet one must assume that the president or his advisors did not even suggest to the Indians that he, Obama, should be invited and would come. The thought that they did suggest it and were rebuffed is simply too painful to consider.

This is another show of total incompetence on the part of this president.

I have been saying that Obama lacks any competence to lead this nation since he came on the scene as a contender. I have written about his lack of competency and leadership traits from the very beginning of my blog.

Sadly there is absolutely no satisfaction in being proven right and in, suddenly, turning from a lone voice in the wilderness to being part of the majority, all pointing to what I have been saying for years.