The world is burning with the fires of evil. I’ve said it many times in previous blogs and indeed predicted it before it escalated, so there’s no need for me to yet again go through the list of conflicts that are burning around the world.

However, in the downing of MH 17, we see the clear explanation as to why. Why is it that the world is on fire?

Just watch the first one and half minutes of each of the videos in the links below:

1- President Reagan’s Address to the Nation on the Soviet Attack on a Korean Airliner (KAL 007)

2- President Obama remarks on MH 17 crash, infrastructure

Read more here:

On the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words, I should have stopped right here. The contrast could not be more astounding. But being the verbose person that I am, I will go a bit further.

Obama’s defenders will point to the fact that his address was a few hours after the event as opposed to Reagan’s, which for four days later. Nevertheless even if you watch the speech Obama gave a day later, the differences are just more accentuated.

Reagan interrupted his vacation to come back to the White House to handle the crisis.

Obama went on to do two fund raisers and then to Camp David to relax for the weekend.

Reagan was absolutely clear as to who is to blame—the Russians (USSR then).

Obama is looking for investigators to find the proof. He did not mention Putin once. His address was vague at best. Certainly not a moral clarity and call to action and condemnation as we saw Reagan doing.

To be clear, the information available to Reagan thirty years ago was significantly less clear-cut than what is available to Obama now. KL 007 was shot down over the ocean so there was no debris or eye witnesses or anything. Thirty years ago, surveillance technology was significantly less developed, accurate, or dispositive than what the U.S. has at its disposal now. None of that nonsense stopped Reagan from coming to the only possible conclusion and with great moral clarity and show of leadership to point the finger with certainty and conviction at the guilty party.

Obama? He is looking for the “chain of custody” of the evidence. I use that term for two reasons:

  • Obama used it in trying to deflect criticism on his refusal to act on Syria when the initial reports on chemical attacks were coming in. He publicly said that while there was a chemical attack, the U.S. did not have a clear “chain of custody” to prove who perpetrated the attack.
  • The term, taken straight from the lexicon of law enforcement, depicts Obama’s warped view of the world, of war, and is the essence of the problem with his view.

This is war! This is not CSI. In war, you do not need, nor can you ever get, proof beyond reasonable doubt. Acts of war are generally dramatic and clear enough, as is the case of MH 17. The plane went down in a war zone controlled by the people who shot it down. Does Obama really think that he will be able to get his hand on the evidence? By now both the Black Box and all remnants of the missile that could be easily found are gone.

Does he really believe that the perpetrators will leave the field of the crime with clearer evidence of their guilt than we already have? We have a clear motive, opportunity, and means. What more do you want?

The lack of any evidence did not stop Reagan from pointing the finger squarely, categorically, and unequivocally on the murderers—the USSR.

The fact that Obama is spending his time, the little time that he devotes to this matter between fund raisers, on trying to secure the debris site for “international investigators” is childish at best.

Listening to the moral clarity of Reagan at the time and to the fecklessness of Obama provides the best explanation yet as to why it is that the USA, currently around the world, is the joke that it is.

Putin could not care less. EU leaders are reluctant to follow and suffer costs knowing that the U.S. will not provide leadership. The Middle East is on fire and no one even thinks of asking the U.S. Secretary of state to help in putting it down as the U.S. has zero standing in the world anymore.

Unfortunately things are only going to get worse.