The story of Gaza is a very long and complex story—a Greek Tragedy in many acts. It is deserving of one of my semi-book-length blogs, but in the words of the immortal Aragon…today is not that day. This blog will be relatively short.

So let’s go through some facts; I also have a question at the end and I promise anyone who can answer that question will win the Nobel Peace prize!

  • The vast majority of people around the world agree that Israel has the right to defend itself. No country can agree to live continuously with rockets falling over its civilian population every day.
  • Many people around the world blame Israel for killing “too many” Gazans. It is the (in)famous “proportionate response” theory, i.e., it would be okay for Israel to kill 2,000 Gazans if Hamas’s rockets would have killed say 1,000 Israelis. In such a situation, killing 2,000 Gazans is justified. That is hypocritical and shows the stupid nonsense that proportionate response theory is in an asymmetrical war with a terror group that does not play by the “rules” of war like Hamas.
  • Hamas started this round in the conflict by breaching the ceasefire that was negotiated in November 2012 by Egypt and the U.S. Indeed Hamas started EVERY round in this conflict. Israel has no designs on Gaza whatsoever—not territorial, nor economic or anything else. Just leave Israel alone.
  • Hamas on the other hand has a stated, well-publicized aim of destroying Israel. They say it, they declare it, and they are proud of it. They do NOT deny it.
  • Hamas refused to extend the 72 hours ceasefire that was declared last week. Israel wanted to extend it. Why?
  • There is no “occupation” of Gaza. Israel left Gaza lock, stock, and barrel nine years ago. Leaving behind ZERO Israeli military or civilian presences. Nothing, nada.
  • There was no blockade of Gaza until Hamas started firing rockets and using other terror weapons to attack Israel. The blockade was initiated slowly and gradually over a period of years, always in response to terror attacks by Hamas.
  • Even so, let’s be clear about the blockade—there is NO blocked by Israel of Gaza. Hundreds of fully loaded trucks pass every day between Israel and Gaza (during ceasefire times) providing Gazans with the opportunity to trade with Israel. All, naturally, with the obvious exception of weapons and other stuff that can be used for terror activities. Indeed the millions of concrete bags that were necessary to build the underground networks of tunnels that Hamas built to terrorize Israel were brought in from Israel…
  • Even during the current campaign, even under fire, many trucks go from Israel to Gaza EVERY day full of food, water, medical supplies, and other humanitarian supplies. Gas for cars, power for homes—all of that is supplied by Israel to Gaza EVERY day; even under fire and more so when there is a cease fire. Most of it is not even paid for by Gazans. The Israeli electric company that supplies electricity to parts of the Gaza Strip is owed hundreds of millions of dollars by Gaza and is still supplying them. I wish I had such a good deal with my electric company. Has there EVER been in the entire annals of WORLD conflict an adversary who supplied its opponent with the stuff to enable them to continue to prosecute their offensive while the war was still raging?
  • In an ironic twist, but a very telling one, the real total blockage of Gaza, the one that tilted their current state of affairs to desperation, was put on Gaza NOT by Israel but by Egypt. For the last year or so, the Egyptian authorities have been seeing Hamas for what they are—a terror group. They finally closed 100 percent of the border crossings with Gaza for everything and took massive action to eliminate the tunnels that were built into Egyptian territory too. So Hamas is shooting rockets at Israeli civilians mostly in order to get Egypt to open its border crossing with Gaza…nice.

With that said, here is my question directed at all those moralists, or more correctly hypocrites: If Israel has the right to defend itself as you all state repeatedly and boisterously, how would YOU do that? In what way would you defend Israel and yet avoid those civilian casualties that the current efforts by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) are not managing to achieve?

Any suggestion is welcomed. To the person who comes up with this magic solution—a Nobel Prize awaits.

Until someone comes up with this magic solution, SHUT the F… UP, all of you bloody hypocrites.