Most of this blog is going to be repetitious of things that I said several times before over the last three years. However, given the continuous ambiguity and obfuscation by the media and this administration, it is important to make a few things abundantly clear:

  • IS would never have been born if President Obama did not leave a vacuum in Syria. Evil players ALWAYS fill the vacuum that the just allow to develop. The famous quote from Edmond Burke, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” is very relevant and true here.
  • The straw man created by the president and his cohorts that intervention in Syria would require “boots on the ground” is…well, just that—a straw man. Nothing is farther from the truth. A massive air campaign backed by some small Special Forces Operations and comprehensive backing for the Syrian Free Army would have done the job. The relative ease with which the Kurds and Iraqis are turning the tide on IS in Iraq with the help of a trickling air support from the U.S. is a proof of that.
  • IS would never have been able to make the headway in Iraq and thus become so strong if Obama did not desert the Iraqi project in 2010.
  • Nothing begets success like success. IS is growing from strength to strength not because the USA is attacking it and engaging with it, but because it does not. For sure not enough.
  • If IS is materially dependent on the oil revenue that it generates from the oil fields in Iraq and Syria that it took, over why not bomb those wells and the refineries that IS have? While that could cause long-term damage, its significance to Iraq is minimal and its effect on throttling IS’s financial machine is material.
  • The wisdom of invading Iraq in 2003 can be debated. What cannot be debated is that:
    • Bush made many mistakes in prosecuting this war.
    • Bush also fixed those mistakes. By the time he handed it over to Obama, Iraq was stable, democratic and economically strong—all in Middle Eastern relative terms. Obama himself stated that, as did many other senior people in his administration.
  •  Given the above, let’s be absolutely clear—this is all on Obama’s watch. Don’t let Obama, other administration figures, and media sympathizers try to confuse us and lay it at Bush’s feet.
  •  It is frightening to see the U.S. Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff and the U.S. Secretary of Defense, both mediocre (at best) types that the president chose in order to make sure that they will not be a problem for his isolationists policies, outflank the president in understanding the danger from IS and in trying to convince him to take action. If these people understand the danger, where is the president?
  •  If Secretary Hagel has not seen such a terror army/state so dangerous and strong as IS before, as he stated yesterday, then he is blind. He should only look at Iran to see exactly that, just much more powerful, much more canny and much, much more dangerous than IS.
  •  It is highly likely that IS will unleash a serious campaign of terror against the West in general and the U.S. in particular. If they are anywhere near as good as they seem to be, they are already in the process of executing a wave of terror acts that will shake the foundation of civil society in this country.

It is not clear to me how the media, faced with such a wave of terror will give the president the cover that they always give him and avoid putting the blame squarely where it belongs—on him. But I am sure they will find a way to do it. Maybe they will suggest that it was inevitable.

It has to be clear—this is on Obama. No excuses and no prevarications.

Maybe, when the wave of terror is unleashed, the president, at least, will stop playing golf.