As I write this blog at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday August 28, the president is ensconced with his national security team in the Situation Room at the White House to officially discuss ISIS, but given the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I expect that this subject will be raised too.

I am going to be bold and make predictions as to the outcome of that meeting.

It is my belief that matters have reached a boiling point and that for once serious decisions will come out of that meeting, and that the president will declare the following material and consequential actions as follows:

  • The president will give AT LEAST TWO speeches on the issues.
  • He will scorn and berate the erroneous ways of ISIS and the lack of understanding of Putin as to how one is expected to behave in the 21st century.
  • He will vow that Russia will pay a price, as they have been paying for six months now, which obviously has been proven extremely effective at preventing that invasion. Oh…wait, not really.
  • He will commit the entire resources of the U.S. department of justice including FBI, CSI, NCIS, and maybe the Big Bang Theory too to chase and get the murderers of James Foley.
  • He will breathe fire and brimstone upon anyone who suggests that the U.S. will do anything other than stand steadfastly behind its allies, notwithstanding the Budapest Memorandum that he has breached without even thinking twice, and will continue to support Ukraine by sending them PLENTY of ready-to-eat meals.
  • He will pledge to continue the air campaign in Iraq IF U.S. personnel is at risk, and at the pace, same as it was until now, of the movement of a snail.
  • He will remind the American people and the world that these are not problems of his making and he is the president of peace and the Nobel Prize, and that America is strong but that not every problem is a nail even if you have the biggest hammer (that platitude is borrowed from one of his previous speeches). Really? Shocking, how insightful.

In short, he will do—nothing.

This president has the dangerous combination of:

  • Not understanding the malevolent forces working around the world;
  • Subjecting ANY decision of his to short-term political consideration such as the mid-term election; and
  • Not caring AT ALL about the future. He is nonchalant and cares not about what happens in the world now and not about what will happen in the U.S. after he is no longer the president. In his world view, that is someone’s else’s problem and will not effect his legacy.

I have come to realize that with the exception of a direct invasion of the USA, the world is condemned to three more years of inaction by the U.S. This is a warning to all Western societies—it is open war on you all because the leader of the free word has absconded.