There is one silver lining that I can see in the Ebola scare and panic.

For years the FDA has resisted any suggestion that dying people, with the mental capacity to make their own informed decisions, should have access to experimental drugs that may, or may not, save their lives.

For years, under withering criticism from many, the FDA insisted that they know best and that it is too dangerous to use drugs before they go through years and years, sometimes 10 years or more, of development and extensive research and in the meantime, let the dying die.

While I agree that experimental drugs should only be used in extreme situations, that decision should be left to qualified health practitioners and the patients. The dictatorial attitude of the FDA has been atrocious and has cost many lives in the process.

Well, it seems that Ebola has the mystical power of changing hearts, even in the stony bodies and minds of the arrogant cruel hearts of the bureaucrats at the FDA.

The FDA is allowing the use of experimental drugs on sick Ebola patients and it even seems to be working.

I hope that this will be the basis of a long-due rethink about handling experimental drugs and dying people.