My last attempt at prognosticating the result of U.S. elections ended up with egg on my face and depression in my heart. So, I am not going to try and project winners and losers and I am stilling myself against another disappointment.

However, the question should still be asked—why is it that given circumstances that we are all aware of and the amazing failures of this administration and its liberal progressive agenda, why is it that Republicans are in such a hard fight to win? Why are they not sweeping the elections like a walk in the park? Why is their winning control of the Senate on November 4th still very much in doubt?

After my failed attempt last time, I did however diagnose, correctly I think, the main reason behind Romany’s and other Republicans’ failure in 2012. As I said then and I repeat now, the failure is due to Republicans’ lack of media savvy and strategy to handle the very hostile and biased media.

Let’s be clear about it, the media in general is very biased and very hostile to Republicans. Anyone still trying to reject that is BSing.

Take the following statistic as an example:

In this election cycle when to all accounts the Democrats are in real trouble, the three main evening news programs by the three main broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) covered the midterm elections 25 times . . . TWENTY FIVE! (source: Media Research Center)

How many times did they have stories and cover the last midterm election in a 6-year presidency back in 2006 when Republicans were on the ropes? A mere 159 times—ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY NINE times. That is more than 6 times as many news stories (source: as above).

This discrepancy cannot be explained like some die-hard reporters try to excuse it by the fact that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, media super stars, were campaigning for democratic contenders in 2006. It sometimes is amazing to me how these die-hard liberals will invent their own reality and actually believe in it—the “affectionate” policy of: “do not confuse me with facts, I have made up my mind.”

Let’s analyze this worthless and baseless excuse, which is not even correct on the facts, let alone the interpretation:

  • Clinton is actually stamping now much harder and more often than she did then. In 2006 she was so sure that the 2008 nomination was hers that she did not do as much hard work. She is wiser now.
  • Obama did not do much campaigning then and even if he did, he was not well known at the time. Only 18 months after becoming a senator and well before he became the media darling which occurred few months AFTER the 2006 elections, when he declared his intention to run for the presidency.
  • What about the other media darling, Bill Clinton? He is probably the most sought-after Democrat in these elections and he was nowhere to be seen in 2006. Why is that not enough to turn the media on now?
  • The biggest question is this: Why were Clinton and supposedly Obama media super stars in 2006 at all, while Romney, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and others are not media darlings in 2014?

Or another example:

Do you remember the stupid comment about rape and pregnancy by Todd Akin, the 2012 Republican senatorial candidate from Missouri? Of course you do; it is the stuff of legends. It became headlines news all across the country; all the broadcast networks and printed media covered it extensively. Romney immediately denounced it, the RSCC immediately pulled out all funding for him, he apologized profusely, and yet he clearly was one of the contributing factors to Republicans overall losses in 2012.

Have you heard of the Democratic contender to be the Governor of South Carolina calling the sitting governor a “whore”? He did last week. The Democrat, Vincent Sheheen, made the comment at a campaign event late last week in Florence. In the midst of attacking Haley’s education record, Sheheen told the crowd, “We are going to escort whore out the door.” Why is this comment not getting any attention? He did not even apologize. He immediately changed the comment by stating the same sentence again and using the word “her” instead of whore but he reacted very positively and smilingly when the crowd repeated the whore word. Where is the denunciation of this comment by Democrats? Where is the media?

The bias is palpitating for everyone to see, pitiful efforts by diehard liberal reporters to deny it notwithstanding.

Given that this is a fact of life, Republicans MUST learn to live with it and FIGHT it. They cannot just accept it. The opposite is the truth. Not only are they not fighting it, they are not even as eloquent as their Democratic opponents. They need to be better than them in order to win.

Another example is from Scott Brown, the ex-senator from Massachusetts who is now trying to defeat the incumbent senator from New Hampshire, democrat, Jeanne Shaheen. Brown is considered by many to be the Republicans’ most eloquent and talented contender. His “Kennedy’s seat?” moment from back in 2010 is the stuff of political legends.

So what does he do when he is presented with another such moment in the debate with Senator Shaheen? He lets it go. This was a pivotal moment where he could have landed a knockout, yet he let it go.

Senator Shaheen was asked by the moderator at the debate why she does not want President Obama to campaign for her. She responded by saying that it is not that she does not want him to campaign, but that he is simply too busy handling all the crises in DC.

Really? That is such an obvious lie that Brown should have pounced on it with a response along the following lines:

“It pains me to see that after so many years in public service my esteemed colleague cannot even bring herself to tell you and the audience the simple truth, instead she is reverting to lies. (OK, maybe he could have said “not true statements,” which is a more acceptable politically correct speech in this country. Although for the life of me I never understood the distinction between lying and telling untruths…) She wants us to believe that she wanted the president to come to campaign with her but that he was simply too busy handling the numerous crises that seem to have magically appeared on his watch. Well…he sure enough was not too busy to do 55 different fundraisers including for the senator here, and he sure enough is totally failing in his handling of these crises. Crises that his obvious lack of leadership is what caused many of them of them to be much worse than they had to be. Why can’t the senator simply tell us the truth? She is afraid to be identified with a failed president who people in this Live Free or Die state do not like, and do not support his policies. She should not hide behind untruths to excuse why he is not campaigning for her. She specifically rejected him campaigning for her and asked him not to come, lest she be tainted by association to him. The problem is that she is associated and identifies with him!”

That is what I would say if I was Scott Brown and I believe that like his “Kennedy’s seat?” moment—that would turn the tables on her and make him the winner. As it is, he missed this opportunity; he is still in a tight race and is likely to lose the elections.

It is these kind of missteps and lost opportunities that Republicans simply cannot afford to miss. Given the hostile media landscape, they need to be better and more eloquent than Democrats; not the same and certainly not inferior to them.

I am very agitated regarding the November elections…