When President Obama nominated Chuck Hagel for the post of Secretary of Defense, I was scathing. Hagel was clearly not qualified for the job. The suggestion that his experience as a SARGENT in a war 40 years ago makes him in any way qualified was simply laughable. I commented on the appointment, on my deep distrust and dislike of Hagel, and on his tragic confirmation hearing in previous blogs.

It was clear that Obama appointed him because he was looking for a yes-man, a lackey, someone who will carry out his vision to dismantle the deterrent capability of the American military without judging, objecting, or criticizing. (By the way, the same is true for General Dempsey the chairman of the JCoS.)

So . . . it was not a shock that he was fired, but the reason why he was fired is shocking. Hagel was fired not because he is not qualified or capable (he is not) but because he was TOO aggressive and vocal for the President and his cohorts. He was not as docile as they wanted him. Anyone who knows anything about Hagel knows that saying that is really saying something. What is shocking, too, is how much of an isolationist the President is; so much so that even people like Hagel and Dempsey are too aggressive for him.

No wonder that already two of the most high profile qualified potential successors said, “Thank you, but no thank you.” Who wants to be a Sec. Def. to this President and his bunch at the White House? Clearly, no one who has any real understanding of the world, of the risks, and the damage that this President is doing to this country and the world.

I am waiting with baited breath to see who the President does find that can pass muster as sort of qualified on the one hand while being the “President’s man” 100% on the other.

For anyone who has pity on Chuck Hagel, I want to translate a Hebrew idiom which actually sounds pretty good in English too: “He who goes to sleep with dogs should not be surprised that he wakes up with fleas.”

To be clear:

  • I love dogs and they are very nice animals.
  • I do NOT like this President but I do NOT equate him with dogs.

It is just an idiom that means that Hagel should not be surprised that he was fired by this partisan President who has no respect for anyone other than himself and his very close advisors at the White House.

This President will have four Sec. Def., at least. It is the record for any President since the formation of these United States . . . and not a healthy record.

He goes through them like other people changes their socks.