Throughout my continuing criticism of the President for seven years now (four and a half of those in writing), I always accepted that he is a clever person. He has the academic credentials to prove it, he looks like he is clever, and he sounds like it.

So here is the conundrum—if he is so clever, why are his policies so stupid?

I watched him deliver his speech on the immigration Executive Order and few days later his Saturday weekly address on the same subject and both showed clearly how arrogant he really is. And then it struck me!

While writing on a previous blog (Gruber), I came up with a formula that I am going to copyright and use repeatedly; I like it. I think IT is clever . . . It certainly provides the explanation to the above conundrum:

If your level of arrogance exceeds your cleverness, you are stupid.

This President is so arrogant as to make him stupid.