Recently, the media reported on two global warming related matters.

Of course, the biased media connected only one of these matters to global warming: The report that the Pope is about to send a message to the bishops that they need to get on board with the global warming agenda.

Although I am formally Jewish and, practically, a man of faith without specific religion or denomination, I have very much respect for the Catholic Church. My faith is between me and my God, and no religious establishment, usually corrupt and self-interested, will tell me how to practice my faith.

But I have to say that this Pope, contrary to all the adulations he gets from the media, is NOT a good Pope. He takes the church to areas that the church has nothing to do with — be it with his anti-capitalistic bias or, now, his newly found “scientific” acumen. This will open the church to criticism and controversy that the church does not need to be involved in. This is politics not faith.

The other news, which was completely unreported in the context of global warming, was that archeologist found the remains of a village buried under the sea off shore Israel.

It seems that it is not really news. It is well known that at the end of the big ice age, about 20,000 years ago, sea levels rose by 100 yards or more. I repeat YARDS not feet. One hundred. Archeologists estimate that the shoreline of the eastern Mediterranean, for example, receded inland by 6 miles. It also seems that a lot of the civilization that naturally lived on the shoreline at that time was washed up, flooded, disappeared.

So, few question for the Church of Global Warming (CGW):

  • Why did it happen 20,000 years ago? There were no carbon economy or manmade emissions then, were there? Could it be that it was caused by the natural variations and gyrations of the world climate? I should think so.
  • If this was the case then, why could it not be the case now? Especially as the level of the sea is projected to rise only a few feet — even according to the alarmist CGW, which is basing it on consistently discredited computer models. Models that regularly prove to have failed projections and always on the alarmist side?
  • If mankind survived a rising sea level of 100 YARDS 20,000 years ago, can we not survive a rise of few FEET now?
  • If mankind not only survived the rise 20,000 years ago but, actually, made pretty good progress in spite of the climate changes throughout that period, is it not possible that we should just leave the climate alone and simply prepare for these inevitable changes?

If memory serves me right, every time that the Catholic Church gets involved with science it ends badly. If you think otherwise, please consult entries for Galileo or Intelligent Design versus Darwinism.

Given the church’s record on controversial science issues, maybe the Pope coming on board the CGW is the beginning of the end of that travesty!