So . . . the storm was the talk of the town. As always, CNN gave it wall-to-wall coverage. The tremendously significant elections in Greece, for instance, got zero cover. Even the very important—and for once very successful—Obama foreign policy trip to India got hardly any attention. Others were pretty bad, too, but not as bad as CNN.

The mayor of New York warned people that this will be something that they have never seen before in their lifetimes; the subway system was completely shut down for the first time in living history etc. etc. etc.

It turned out to be much ado about nothing . . . for New York at least. Now the recriminations start: “Did New York overreact?” and all kinds of nonsense.

In fact, the difference between a huge storm and ostensibly overreaction was a slight—I repeat, small—inaccuracy in the forecast. Indeed, shockingly, the weather system dared to act differently from what forecasters expected. Really shocking; how could the system do that?? And that small change that occurred in a forecast of events 24 hours in the future changed the lives of millions of people from reaction to “overreaction.” For whatever it is worth, I think that the New York City authorities acted prudently and correctly and that the “overreaction” was minute and negligible—the cost of insurance against the forecasters being right.

No problem at all, but this is NOT the point of this post.

Given this experience, I wonder: Why is it, then, that all the fundamental believers in the Church of Global Warming (CGW) do not understand—cannot accept—that all the computer models that they base their apocalyptic prognosis on for the next, not 24 hours, but 100 YEARS are simply nonsense.

You cannot even get it right and accurate in a 24-HOUR forecast window, how can you expect to get it right for the next year, ten years, and more???

Yet these people tell us that climate change is the biggest world challenge we are facing, never mind that their computer models have been proven wrong time and time again. In fact, they were NEVER right.

They tell us that 2014 was the warmest year ever, in spite of the fact that even according to their (inaccurate) measurements it was warmer by only a fraction of one degree. This is so much below the statistical error threshold that no statistician worth his salt will EVER consider this to be any different than the year before . . . that is, except if he is a member of the CGW.

The fact is that since the relatively speaking meaningful increase in world temperatures in the late 1990s, world temperature stayed flat, confounding all the prediction and computer models.

The fact is that this whole religion is simply nonsense.

They cannot even predict the next 24 hours accurately, yet they want us to change our lives to the same extent and more than what New Yorkers had to do for 24 hours, for the rest of our lives and those of our children and their children! All based on their completely unreliable computer models.

There seems to be no end to stupidity.

And why is it that no one in the media connects the dots and asks this question???