In the wake of the massacre in Paris, a lot of media players and so-called experts have postulated all kinds of theories about the origins and the reasons for Islamic terror.

Generally speaking, true to form, all these do-gooders who have no CLUE about the real source of this evil focused their attention on reasons that are both wrong and mostly blaming us—Western societies and civilizations—for creating and encouraging Islamic terror.

After they spend days creating moral equivalency between Islamic terrorists and Islamophobia they turned their attention to what they see as the failure of Western society to assimilate, integrate, these young, poor, disillusioned, and uneducated young Muslim men and therefore it’s no wonder, according to these pundits, that these men turn to terror.

By the way, regarding Islamophobia: In the USA, based on FBI Hate Crime statistics in 2013, for instance, there were all of 160 cases of anti-Islam crimes. That compares to over 2,000 hate crimes against African Americans, about 700 (4.5 times as many as Islam) against Jews, 850 against gays and on and on. In fact, hate crimes against Muslims are very few and far below hate crimes against other groups. None of that deters our “intrepid” reporters from going on blabbing and yakking about Islamophobia. I am not aware of any case of Islamophobes massacring 12 Muslims, or even 2 Muslims, in the name of Islamophobia. So why create this equivalency where none exists? Another form of bias and self-hate in the media.

Moving on to the main subject: When and why did Islamic terror start?

First of all, let’s debunk the baseless notion that it is the fault of Western society, of impoverishment, lack of education and all these niceties.

Last I checked, Osama bin Laden was neither poor nor uneducated. Mohamed Atta was a certified architect and had an engineering degree—as did most of the other 9/11 conspirators.

Forty percent of Spanish youth are unemployed; the same applies to youth in Greece, Italy, and many other European countries. I do not see them becoming violent. I do see them voting for alternative DEMOCRATIC governments but that is EXACTLY the essence of our Western values.

So why do these young unemployed Muslims turn to terror and jihad? The simple answer is because that is what they are being preached.

There is a strong, virulent strain of Islam that preaches the virtues of terror and jihad, encourages it, and creates the environment and infrastructure to push and enable vulnerable young people to become adherents of such a movement.

If there was a strong element of Christianity, or secular movement in the West, that would have preached a similar type of violence, the same would occur in Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. There simply is NO such element or movement. Young educated people (even more than those who are educated) and the unemployed are vulnerable to outside influences especially from religion. But the issue is NOT the fact that they are unemployed or educated or not, it is that this strain of Islam is so strong and is way, way beyond the marginal, crazy, minority movement the pundits are trying to paint it.

David Koresh made his people die willingly, it seems; certainly, the Jim Jones cult did. Those events remain so marginalized and so derided and crazy that they do not get support of young people in the West. Unfortunately, that is not the case in Islam. Any suggestion that we are talking about a small minority is a damaging ruse by the liberal media and appeasement wing of our government, which does not really understand the origins or the reasons behind this terror. Clearly it is a minority, but it is far from being an insignificant one. Once you count the concentric circles of the actual terrorists, their immediate support structures, the people who support and finance these support structures, and the people who know about them, you end up with a very large, significant minority; which, given today’s media and social media, has the same effect as if they were a majority. Especially since the VAST majority of Muslims do NOTHING about it and, as Edmund Burke so aptly stated: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” That is absolutely the case here.

So, where did it all start? And why does this virulent and strong movement even exist?

Of those few pundits who are brave enough to tiptoe into the dangerous minefield of laying the blame for terror where it belongs—in the Muslim world—the prevailing opinion is to blame the Wahhabi and Salafi strains of Islam. They are wrong. To be sure, these two very strict, even primitive, versions of Islam are significant contributing factors (they are enabling and are giving religious cover to terror and jihad), but they are NOT the origin or the reason. These two strains existed for many decades before we saw the Islamic Jihad terror movement. Something else happened.

Terror has existed in the world forever. Religiously motivated terror is a relatively new phenomenon and tracks back only to the 1980s. Arab terror against Israel existed since the 1950s, but it was secular in nature and had clear nationalistic aims; to defeat Israel and conquer it back for the Arabs.

So what happened to trigger this movement—this extreme Islamic terrorism motivated by religious fanaticism—and what is its aim??

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini happened.

The trigger to all the problems we are facing today is the 1979 Iranian revolution. That is the origin, the root, of all evil. (I admit to being obsessed with the Iranian issue, but that does not mean that I am wrong).

In another “by the way” segment: The decision by the Carter administration to let the Shah fall and allow Khomeini to takeover is the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century and not, as President Putin thinks, the fall of the USSR. Someone needs to write a book on this epic failure of strategy and understanding of world affairs by President Carter and his National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. The damage that this terrible decision, error, by this duo has, is, and will inflict on the world is nothing short of devastating.

Khomeini’s vision clearly was that of bringing back the great empire of Islam; what is now referred to usually as the Islamic Caliphate. If there is any doubt that this was his original intention, a brief reading of the Iranian Constitution will decisively clear any such doubts. Two “choice” paragraphs discussing this matter are (emphasis are mine):

The Constitution will strive with other Islamic and popular movements to prepare the way for the formation of a single world community (in accordance with the Koranic verse “This your community is a single community, and I am your Lord, so worship Me…”

Accordingly, the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps are to be organized in conformity with this goal [faith and ideology as a basic criteria…rbz], and they will be responsible not only for guarding and preserving the frontiers of the country, but also for fulfilling the ideological mission of jihad in God’s way; that is, extending the sovereignty of God’s law throughout the world (this is in accordance with the Koranic verse…).

Wow, once you read this in the Constitution of the country, what else does one need to say??

In progressing his vision, Khomeini first and after him the current “supreme leader” Ali Khamenei, have embarked on a two-pronged strategy. The amazing thing is that looking back it is so clear and really impressive how these people have such a grand strategy and are carrying it out relentlessly, consistently, patiently, without remorse. The difference between the Iranian regime and those of the West cannot be more dramatic. They have a strategy and they have patience. They do not have electoral cycle considerations.

The two-pronged strategy included:

  1. Long-term (in our parlance, they have all the time in the world): Become a nuclear weapon state.
  2. Short-term: Foment terror all over the world.

Both vectors of attack were somewhat delayed due to the war with Iraq that took most of the 1980s but were in no way canceled.

In regard to the nuclear weapon element, I have written many blogs and I will not repeat it all here. It is clearly part of the overall strategy to achieve hegemony over the Islamic world first and, through that, over other parts of the world. In short: World domination straight from the James Bond/Blofeld/SPECTRE annals.

One may think that this must be crazy talk until one remembers:

  • Their strong religious fundamental beliefs.
  • Their messianic belief in the Shia version of Armageddon (Hidden Imam).
  • The fact that the Persian Empire did rule the world a few thousand years ago.
  • The quotes above from the Iranian Constitution that state these aims as clearly as one can and that these are from 1979, not from 1000 BC!!

Based on our morals, ethics, and view of the world, it is crazy talk but, these people are crazy!

As to world terrorism, the Iranian regime, through its IRGC, has embarked since the early 1980s on a campaign to assist ANY existing terror group in the world. Any and all terror groups that existed in the early 1980s were supported and those that still exist are still supported by the IRGC. You name it, their hands were in the pot stirring it: IRA, FARC and on and on. The IRGC support could range from training, supplying, financing, and, sometimes, more. Not for nothing did the USA, which is always very reluctant to call a spade a spade, designate Iran, decades ago as the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Even under this appeasement-prone administration, Iran is still holding on to this dubious honor.

In addition to the general support to existing terror groups, IRGC—through its Quds force—embarked on a mission to create their own terror arms. Thus came to being Hezbollah and Hamas.

The Iranian terror model for their own creation terror groups is based, not surprisingly given their views, on deep religious beliefs and is the tip of the spear in the long-term war for world domination. The part that these groups play is to foment disorder and unrest in the developed world and, as such, make it easier for Iran to emerge as the world dominating power when the time comes with the help of their nuclear weapon on the one hand, control of Middle Eastern oil on the other hand—all backed by their continuous ability to sew terror all over the world.

This was the start of the fundamentalist, jihadist, suicidal, terror movement around the world. This movement had and still has a clear purpose: World domination by Iran and its by-product, Islam, becoming the world dominating religion.

This is not about eradication of poverty; not about young Muslim men not being assimilated in Western society. It is exactly the opposite; it is about subrogating Western Society to the great reemerging Persian Muslim empire. This is the origin of Islamic jihadist terror. That is where it all started. The timeline fits, the facts fit; there is no other credible explanation. To paraphrase an infamous statement: “if it fits, you must convict…”

However, there is more. The one element that the Iranian regime did not take into account, foresee, or plan for was the emergence of a similar movement on the Sunni side. The Iranian Shia, Khomeini, Khamenei, and their “merry bands” looked at the world around them when they started their world domination campaign and saw what they consider to be sin, rot, decay, and corruption. They saw that in the Western world but also in the Arab Sunni world. Most of the Arab countries were dominated by Sunni secular regimes. Saudi Arabia tried to maintain a patina of religious piety, but there, too, it was thin and for show, not for real. One only had to look at the way the Saudi royals and other high officials conducted themselves outside Saudi Arabia to understand why, in Iranian eyes, they all looked like sinners whose time to be purged has come, who lack the will to fight for their values, and who will all be easy targets for the oncoming storm unleashed by the Iranian two pronged attack.

They did not count on the emergence of Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden was not a particularly religious man. He was not fervent. His involvement in the 1980s in the Afghanistan war to free it from the USSR was motivated more by a nationalistic, anti-imperial-type approach than by deep religiosity. It was only after the end of that war in the late 1980s when Bin Laden settled back into Saudi that he started to look around; and the Iranian game play struck him clearly and alarmingly.

Osama bin Laden understood immediately what most of the Western world still refuses to accept; that the Iranians are on a path to resurrect the Islamic caliphate under THEIR control. That was a devastating blow for a Sunni, Arab man who was drunk from his success at repealing and defeating a world power, the USSR. The hatred between the Sunnis and the Shias is the stuff of legends but, on top of it, the hatred between Arabs and Persians is a close second. Bin Laden had an epiphany. He knew that he was ordained to counter the domination drive by these Kefirs.

Bin Laden understood that in order to defeat the Iranians and create his own caliphate he would need to be at the head of a country; a powerful one. What can be better than his own country of Saudi Arabia, which he, too, saw as corrupt and rotten to the core? Of course, there was one problem: Saudi was in close allegiance with the USA and, to a large extent, the house of Saud was/is protected by the USA. For the guy who just defeated the USSR, that was not insurmountable. He looked at the USA and saw the same rot and corruption, the same lack of will to fight for their beliefs that the Iranian are seeing. So, he decided to take the USA head-on and by the mid-1990s declared an open hostility; war on the USA.

The plan was to cause the USA to desert Saudi Arabia and to leave the Middle-East tail between their legs. Bin Laden had a precedent in mind based on which he felt confident and that his plan will work. Reagan pulled out of Lebanon after the Marine barracks bombing by the Iranian backed Hezbollah. Thus, the removal of the US from Saudi was always ostensibly his headline cause. Once that happened, the plan was to take control of Saudi to become a counter weight to the Iranian revolution and probably to defeat them, too, in a head on battle.

. . . and the rest is history. He tried a few minor terror events such as the embassy bombings in Africa in 1998 and the Cole in 2000. When that did not work, he planned the big one. The masterstroke.

Like the Iranians before him, bin Laden, too, underestimated his enemy. How was he to know that this simplistic, ineloquent cowboy from Texas that made the REJECTION of nation building abroad (and as close to Isolationism as one can in the 21st century) his main foreign policy pillar in his 2000 campaign for the presidency, this simpleton that did not even know the name of the president of Pakistan when asked for it during the campaign . . . how could bin Laden imagine that this man would have his own epiphany on 9/12/2001 that would significantly derail bin Laden’s plans? He did not foresee that. Nevertheless, the result is a ferocious fundamentalist, jihadist Sunni terror movement that was designed at its core to be a counter weight to the Iranian campaign for world hegemony.

This, and this alone, is at the root of Islamic terror. All the other explanations are baseless, are shuttered when looked at objectively with fact-based analysis.
And while these two competing movements for world domination are not as successful as their founders would have hoped 30 years after they started, they are making headway. They have time on their side, they have patience, and they are persisting.

This is a war of civilization and nothing else, and unless we in the West start analyzing it correctly and understanding their real motives, we will suffer greatly in the course of defeating them. I believe that at the very end the West will win, but the longer we turn a blind eye the, worse the fight will be and the more it will weaken us in the West—which will leave the West vulnerable to attack from the East (China).