Continuing on the subject of the Indiana RFRA episode, I find the way corporate America acted to be shameful and reprehensible.

I have spoken many times about the cowards that fill the boardrooms of corporate America. These people who did not have the courage to stand up to the economic assault by President Obama on many issues that adversely effected America economically.

Be it for fear of retaliation that this administration is so apt at delivering, be it from hope that they will be awarded for their loyalty—hopes that time after time were dashed—and be it from general lack of moral backbone.

For all these reasons the heads of major corporations are cowards, lackeys, and indeed crony capitalists.

We saw all these traits again in this episode.

Condemnation of the law came fast and furious from many large corporations.

The simple question that I—and others—have is this: If Indiana is to be admonished, even boycotted, what about China (where freedom of speech is nonexistent as an example)? What about Iran where the discrimination against gays, if they are caught, is the firing squad? And so many other countries where all these hotshots are happy to do business with and do not DARE criticize. Why are they any better?

The lack of moral backbone and the cowardliness of the heads of big corporations in America is frightening.

Someone has to take them to task on it.

Corporations that want to be socially responsible and involved should be just that; not lackeys for this or that intolerant movement.

Why are the rights of gays to be served by a particular establishment any more sacred than the right of a particular establishment to choose their customers?