To finalize the trio of blogs on the above issues I want to highlight the most controversial part of this whole episode that no one even dares touch.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 created an obligation on any business to serve and provide service to anyone.

I understand the background that brought the USA to enact such a law.

I understand the trauma that the USA went through in terms of the way it mistreated its Black population.

I understand that this is still an open sore.

But can you all take a step back and listen to yourselves??

This is one of the most dictatorial laws ever enacted by mankind. I am not aware of ANY country in the world—even the most non-democratic countries—where such an atrocious law exists.

Why shouldn’t a businessperson have the liberty, the civil right, to decide who they do business with; the right to choose my client?

Why must a restaurateur have to provide service to a client who he believes is acting inappropriately or risk being in breach of the law because that client happens to be part of a protected group????

This is PREPOSTEROUS!!!!!!

Business people have civil rights, too, and the right to decide who we do business with is a fundamental right.

I understand that 50 years ago the discrimination against blacks was so prevalent that this law was needed—although I must say that it offends every ounce of my free market beliefs to accept it even then. However, it is definitely time now to void this law; to un-act it, to erase this shame from the record.

Do gay people really want their wedding cake to be baked by someone who cannot accept them as a gay couple????

Would you want to eat the food prepared in a restaurant by a cook that is not approving of you for whatever reason?

Is there really any shortage of businesses that will be happy to accept the custom of gays, blacks, etc. lovingly and with appreciation?

It is time to move on. The world moved on in the last 50 years, it is now time to restore the right to choose for business owners too.

Let the Free Market do its thing.

It ALWAYS does it better than any human intervention.