The hacking of the OPM that has come to light in the last few days is breathtaking in its scope.

It is not the first hacking of a US government institution and, like many of its predecessors, is attributed with growing confidence to the Chinese government and military cyber units.

I hear many people ask, “Why did they do it?” I am sure the Chinese have many reasons and uses for the information, a lot of which are validly covered in the media.

Unfortunately, what no one in the media discusses is the most important answer: Because they can.

They did it because they know that they will pay no price.

I’ve said many times before: the US has lost all deterrence powers. It may be a super power in name, but EVERYONE, friends and foes alike, look at it with pity and/or contempt. You can do anything and the US will simply not respond. One can spit in the face of the US and the Obama administration’s response is to ask for umbrellas.

As I stated in my post “Sony and North Korea,” the correct response is PHYSICAL warfare, NOT cyber.


  • If the US has a serious ability to cause havoc, damage, etc. by way of cyber-attack (and I sure hope they do) it should keep that a secret (that is, if there are any secrets any more…). We do not want to alert enemies to our abilities, so that when we really need to use those abilities they will come as an effective surprise against an unprepared adversary.
  • There is no difference between stealing information via cyber warfare and taking all the files in hard copy via a physical burglary to the archives of the OPM. So why should the US not react physically?

According to public information, the Chinese military cyber war unit is located in a 12-story building in the Pudong district of Shanghai. The building likely holds hundreds, or even thousands, of employees who form the cyber war division of Chinese Army Unit 61398.

I would target that building with a number of cruise missiles and/or drones (whatever is more effective and has better deniability prospects). Pudong is conveniently located very close to the sea, which will therefore not require a prolonged breach of China’s air space. We should destroy the building—demolish it. The US should schedule the attack for the time when it is most ACTIVE so as to kill as many cyber “warriors” as possible.

Some readers will say that this is an extreme reaction, but really it is not. This is war. It is time for the US to take a stand and do something that will cause the next cyber foe to pause and think twice—or thrice—before acting, and thus maybe actually preventing the next cyber-attack.

I would deny that the US is behind the attack. Everyone will know that it is the US, but still deny it. Why not? Putin denies that Russia is involved in Ukraine; China denies that they are engaging in any cyber warfare against the US . . . why can’t the US deny that it is behind such an attack?

Like all other world security issues, Obama’s policy of turning the other cheek is causing the exact opposite of what he was hoping for in his naïveté. Rather than going away, the attacks are escalating and getting worse and more serious.