A different angle on the OPM cyber-attack—one which, true to form, no one discusses—is the issue of competence.

What happened at the OPM is another breathtaking example of the Obama administration’s INCOMPETENCE.

Some will say, “Oh, it’s the government and they are always incompetent.” I agree with this view. However, under this president, the level and frequency of incompetence has broken new records and reached such a level that even the normal “government is incompetent” defense will not work.

To name just a few scandals routed in incompetency:

  • Operation Fast and Furious
  • The recent report that TSA agents in 12 major airports allowed explosive devices and weapons (all part of an exercise) to go undetected 96% of the times. I repeat: a NINETY SIX percent FAILURE rate.
  • The launch of ObamaCare, this administration’s signature piece of legislation
  • The OPM data breach, which could have, possibly, been prevented or mitigated if they’d only installed the software program they were supposed to install
  • The IRS archaic archival procedures and the “loss” of emails
  • Hillary Clinton being allowed to breach numerous Obama administration rules and procedures regarding her emails and foundation donation
  • The VA healthcare crisis

And on and on. With good research, one can make this list much, much longer.

The Obama administration is TOTALLY incompetent. One reason is that Obama has made it so much larger. But the other reason is that few-to-none of this administration’s appointees, cabinet ministers, etc. had ANY executive experience before they were appointed.

One gets the feeling that Obama chooses people based on their ideological purity (socialism is preferred), gender (female), and race (black) as opposed to qualifications to do the job.

This is toxic. Not only is Obama’s vision erroneous on 95% of the issues, his and his administration execution ability is close to non-existent.

What a debacle.