Of all the vaunted, breathless talk about green energy, solar power occupies a place of honor. In the current state of technological development, it is the only solution that may one day possibly be effective enough and cheap enough to offer a modicum of potential to replace small part of the carbon-energy based economy.

Recently, an event occurred showing how futile and stupid this notion really is—again, based on current, state of the art technology.

A solar power plane just made it from Japan to Hawaii, to the loud celebrations in the media and declarations of enormous achievements etc. from the promoters.

Few facts:

  • This plane is on a mission to circumvent the world using solar power only.
  • It started in Dubai a few months ago and made it to China about 5–6 weeks ago.
  • After 1–2 weeks in China, waiting for the right weather conditions, it took off from Shanghai on a leg to Hawaii.
  • It diverted to Japan shortly thereafter due to bad weather.
  • It was stuck in Japan for 2–3 weeks, and then took off few days ago for a successful 120-hour flight to Hawaii.
  • The plane has the wingspan of a Boeing 747 (to generate enough energy to fly).
  • It carries the pilot plus . . . drumroll . . . plus . . . nothing. The pilot; that is it.

So to summarize: in order to be able to fly the distance that takes a Boeing 747 10% of the time (about 12 hours), carrying the pilot and nothing else (the 747 on average will carry 450 additional people and cargo), this plane, that has the same wing span as a 747, had to wait for 3 weeks (a multitude of 747s do this trip every day) to get the right type of weather conditions in order to be able to make the trip to Hawaii.

How practical is this?

Herein lays the fallacy of the whole green energy “revolution” or, more appropriate, cult.

In order to replace the carbon-based electricity-generating capacity in the US alone you probably need solar panels covering an area equal in size to the entire world—plus a few other planets.

Leaving aside the fact that it is much more expensive, it is simply not possible. No amount of government subsidy or media fantasies will change these basic facts.

This circumnavigating the globe mission simply serves to expose the futility, and prove the nonsensical nature, of this whole plot.

The green energy “king” has no cloths!