On July 3rd, the WSJ published an article titled “The Central Inclusiveness Agency.”

I heard about the subject of the article a few days before and my shock and dismay were so extensive that it took me a few more days to percolate, digest, and calm down.

While the writer describes the facts admirably, his sentiments/reaction to the facts is, although clear, much understated.

It may be the American way to be understated but I have to say that this is the most disgusting, alarming, dangerous thing that I have seen in a long time.

On par with how dangerous are the Iran negotiations.

If there is any ONE place where you would want meritocracy to reign supreme, it is in the CIA.

To institute an “affirmative action” program in the CIA is ludicrous and dangerous.

However, it is in line with what I said on the Obama administration in my post “Obama’s Incompetence”: “One gets the feeling that Obama chooses people based on their ideological purity (socialism is preferred), gender (female), and race (black) as opposed to qualifications to do the job.”

Except that is, of course, so much worse.

Obama’s fixation with how things look and sound as opposed to how they really are is so damaging and long-lasting that I fear the worse.

Which president is going to be as courageous so as to terminate the “inclusiveness” program in the CIA?

Or re-establish the necessary physical traits to qualify for, say, the Navy Seals as opposed to tune them down so that women can qualify???

Of course, other than the WSJ no one in the media covers this enormously significant issue.

This is simply crazy.