In my post “Where was Putin” five months ago I discussed at length my view that Putin’s real target is to dominate the North Pole due to its vast mineral and strategic logistical importance.

I could never understand why Putin would waste so much energy, effort, and conflict with the West for a small sliver of land itself a part of what is a tertiary country like Ukraine.

It was always clear to me that EVERY malevolent in the world today is acutely aware that they have a golden opportunity to progress their nefarious goals due to the once-in-a-life-time weak US president who has zero interest or understanding in what is happening around the world.

So why would Russia waste such a golden opportunity on Crimea and East Ukraine? It never made sense to me. Therefore, I concluded that it is a diversion, a tool to focus the West’s attention on a totally insignificant issue in the grand scheme of things, in order to allow Putin to focus on his real target.

John McCain once said that Russia is a gas station with a country. In a way, he is absolutely right. While China needs natural resources in order to maintain its economic growth and to become a major power in the world through economic dominance, Russia has no economy, practically speaking. That is, anything other than natural resources. For Russia to control the huge reserves of natural resources that are beneath the North Pole, and are now becoming accessible due to technology and the minor melting of the icecap in the North Pole, is an absolute must if it is to restore itself to global leadership, super power position.

My theory as I posited and described in my aforementioned post was/is that this was always Putin’s goal and was planned to perfection by both action and intimidation.

Now comes the proof as is stated in the Fox News article “Russia Submits Claim for Vast Arctic Seabed Territories at United Nations.”

To quote from the article:

Russia’s Foreign Ministry confirmed Tuesday that it had submitted a bid for vast Arctic territories that could contain large quantities of oil and gas to the United Nations.

The ministry said in a statement that Moscow was claiming over 463,000 square miles of Arctic sea shelf extending more than 350 nautical miles from the shore.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Russia is going to create facts on the ground, like China did in the China Sea, to establish its control on that area whether or not the UN “approves” this claim?

This is a multi-generational move that will enhance Russia’s power and enshrine it as a super power—and all this is occurring under the sleepy, bored, lazy, ignorant, US administration that is the most naïve, negligent, and ineffective in securing the future of America, ever.

I concluded all of the above five months ago just by using logic and open source information. I have no access to anything other than these two tools.

Where was everyone else?

Where were the experts?

Where in the WORLD was the US administration????

Busy negotiating a terrible agreement with Iran, or busy getting a legacy for the president and Nobel Prize for peace for Kerry.

This is tragic.