What more will it take for the American public at large—the Democratic Party, specifically, and the Clinton campaign—to conclude that Hillary Clinton is not worthy of becoming the President of the US?

In previous posts I suggested that her lack of achievements during her career is a bigger problem than her e-mail scandal and I still believe that, but does it matter anymore?

How low can you set the bar on integrity, judgment, transparency, and honesty for a potential presidential candidate?

This matter is well covered in the media and I have to admit reasonably fairly even by the mainstream media (which are very biased as a rule), so I will not try to replicate the cover here. However, I do have a few fairly fundamental questions that the media in their sound byte, ADD, attitude seems not to be focusing on.

WHY? Why did she feel the need before she was appointed to be the Secretary of State (SoS) to establish this elaborate, unusual system for her e-mail that is both unprecedented, clearly in breach of the rules established by the White House and the law governing federal communications, and archival requirements? Surely she knew all that, so why??? The nonsense answer she gave was “it would be more convenient.” Convenient from what point of view? The one-device/one-account formula that she is trying to promote as “convenience” could have been easily achieved on the government system, eliminating any suggestions of impropriety. So it was not a matter of convenience, it was a matter of trying to hide what she calls her private emails. Why? Why was it SO important to hide her private emails? What does she have going on privately that she could not trust the proper procedure and officials of the government to not make public? Yoga lessons and wedding arrangements as she suggested? If that was the case, was it not simpler, even more convenient—and oh, by the way, legal—to use one system, the one operated by the government, and then use the normal procedures to eliminate her private emails?

No, the ONLY logical explanation for the great lengths she went to is that she knew that there would be emails that she’d send or receive that would be questionable at best, in the context of her planned run for the presidency, or even worse, shades of totally inappropriate behavior, possibly even intricate, maybe even corrupt, relationship with the Clinton Foundation, etc. She did it on purpose to make sure that she will be able to control her emails to eliminate all such dubious emails. If there was still doubt in anyone’s mind about this interpretation, add the fact that she went to great lengths to wipe, scrub the server. Delete professionally all of her, so-called “private” emails. Who does that? Who cares enough about their yoga lessons and soup recipes to go through the process of deleting them so professionally that the FBI is having problems recovering them?

To be clear, she nearly got away with it all. If it were not for the tragedy in Benghazi only 4 months before the end of her term, no one would have been asking all the questions about her emails that led to the revelation of her peculiar, strange, illegal, and suspicious email arrangement. You hear her die-hard supporters keep saying: oh, she just needs to face these questions and answer them truthfully. She can NOT do it. The only thing that will stop all these questions, the only explanation that will be bought by the media, is that there were seriously compromising emails there that needed to be eliminated, totally, comprehensively. That is the ONLY explanation that makes sense, which is why she keeps on fumbling.

Which brings me to another question.

This very accomplished SoS (according to herself) who was, until our current one, the most travelled SoS in history and thus clocked more airplane hours than any previous one; this SoS who dealt with a worldwide situation described by many as the most complicated and dangerous crisis pattern ever, had the time (again, according to herself) to send and receive 20 private emails every day, seven days a week (no break over weekends), 52 weeks a year (30,000 over four years) throughout her entire four years as SoS. Is that realistic? I challenge each of you, significantly less busy people, to do a count of how many private emails you get/send every day. How did she have the time to do it?

Most importantly:

I need to understand how the SoS of the US in the 21st century can be effective, productive, and responsive to issues and problems without a fully operational email system. You see, according to her she did not send or receive ANY classified emails. But surely the work of the SoS is generally all classified—at least the majority of her work. So how did she work? How did she review classified information? Was it sent to someone else, printed out, reviewed by her, responded to by her given dictation? Do some of you younger readers of these annals even know what dictation is??? How could she be productive going through all that process and still have time to handle her 20 private emails a day? Does that mean that the presumably HUNDREDS of government officials starting from the President downwards knew that if they want to send classified email to the SoS they MUST NOT use her email and they need to send to one of her assistants? Really? This beggars belief, it is simply nonsense.

I wonder if this is why she did not see, according to her, the repeated emails from Ambassador Stevens in Libya requesting more security for the Benghazi outpost???

Is the Clinton’s email scheme the reason he is dead???

Hillary Clinton is clearly not worthy to be running for the POTUS position let alone being elected as one.

How low is the threshold that the US electorate is willing to accept as their President?

ENOUGH already!!!