For the last 36 hours the topic that headlined almost all newscasts, especially in MSNBC and CNN, was the fact that Donald Trump did not react or correct one stupid person in a town hall meeting who claimed the President is a Muslim.

We are treated to never-ending repetition of this one sound byte; numerous analyses that, of course, there is nothing wrong about being a Muslim except that in this case it is not true.

All kinds of media pundits, news anchors, and political players condemn Trump for not reacting to it, etc.

MSNBC devotes the first 12-minute segment of its most important news broadcast of the day to this matter; their anchor the liberal slimy Andrea Mitchell prolongs this sort of controversy by asking Hillary Clinton to comment on it and on and on.

The President’s spokesman is asked about it in the White House briefing!! And, of course, takes the opportunity to preach to us about the language extremes of the Republicans, etc.

So, the world around us is falling apart, Europe is struggling with a wave of refugees that is worse than anything we’ve seen since WWII. Median income in the US fell AGAIN last year—SIX years after the so-called recovery started and is still below the 2007 level. Russia is commencing armed engagement in Syria to support Assad; a ruler who the US has declared for 4 years needs to go. Assertions have arisen that top commanders in Centcom, under pressure from the White House, mislead the nation on their intelligence assessment of the war on ISIS. But what is important is that the leading Republican candidate for president did not REACT to a stupid assertion from one stupid person.

About two weeks ago Hillary Clinton, herself—not a stupid voter in a town hall meeting—compared ALL Republican presidential candidates to terrorists because of their support for the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Few weeks before that the President compared the ENTIRE Republican Party in Congress to Iranian extremists because they object to the deal he struck with Iran. Prior to that he compared Republicans, numerous times, to hostage takers, extortionist, callous people, and other “choice” descriptions just because they dared to disagree with his policies.

All of that is OK. Hardly gets mentioned by the media, but Trump’s non-reaction is world-changing event.

The bias of the media is so pervasive and corrosive that even the Republicans themselves are swept up by it and fail to notice it or point it out anymore.

It is simply unbelievable.

P.S. An oft-quoted recent CNN poll found that 29% of ALL US registered voters and 43% of Republicans state that Obama is a Muslim. Normally in these polls Republicans are about 30% of the sample. That means that of the 29% of all Americans, only about 13% are Republicans. Who are the remaining 16%? According to this poll, about 25% of all NON-Republican voters believe that President Obama is a Muslim. As we are told repeatedly, even if he was, it does not matter. So what is the big deal???