Belgium is a small, insignificant country in the middle of the European experiment.

Because of its complete lack of significance and importance, it was lucky enough to be chosen as the center for the EU institutions—the same concept as not having DC in any state. No one wants the “capital” to be in any one particular state or the center of Europe to be in any significant country.

Over the years, Belgium has become the poster for the new Europe: liberal, tolerant, extreme left wing, and disgusting.

Pedophile? Go for it we won’t care. We are tolerant, right?

Other perversions? Not a problem

Anti-business and pro socialism? Absolutely! Let Europe pay for it.

Anti-America? Sure, we are behind you.

Anti-Israel and pro-terror? Not a problem; we are here for you.

Somehow, they got away with it all these years. Maybe that was their thinking, that if they get along with all the evildoers, those same evildoers will leave them alone.

Well, it is comeuppance now and not a moment too soon. As the old saying goes, “if you go to sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas” (I really love dogs and this is an injustice to the dog community.).

Because the Belgians assumed all these years that they are immune, they are ill equipped to handle the problem and are overreacting to a level that would be comical if it was not so tragic. Closing down—lockdown is the preferred term—of a major European capital (Ok, sort of major, but it still has 1,000,000 people) for a day is extreme, for a weekend sounds bordering on the ridiculous, and now it seems for a full week? That is simply stupid and boggles the mind.

Having said that, they deserve it. I shed no tears for them and I have no pity.

Disgusting people in a disgusting country.