Listening to the debate over the last 10 days regarding visas for entry into the USA and Trump’s stupid proposal regarding banning “all Muslims,” I fluctuate from rage to frustration.

The STUPIDITY of ALL pundits on TV, their total ignorance and, as always, superficiality is just reaching new levels.

I have not heard ONE reasonable analysis of the whole situation.

It is all fear mongering, misinformation, and hysteria. The EXACT opposite of what responsible journalism was supposed to be all about.

The surprising exceptions in this case are the politicians (ex. Trump) who, for once, are more measured in their actions (for now), although the talk they contribute to the debate is also full of misconceptions and stupid comments.

Visa Waiver
The notion that the Visa Waiver Program is the issue is so stupid as to be unbelievable. The female terrorist came to the US under a VISA program, not under Visa Waiver Program. That program for fiancés of American citizens requires a serious process of interviews, checks, finger printing, etc., etc. She DID go through the entire process and the geniuses in the State Department whose job is to carry out this process did not catch on, not only that she is radicalized already based on her social media postings, but that she lied on a simple matter such as her address.

The conclusion from this failure that all the pundits come to?

Let’s have MORE visa checks by the same inept government bureaucracy that did such a “stellar” job in vetting her!

That makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Rather than note that there had been not ONE case of terror emanating from the Visa Waiver Program; rather than understanding that it makes no sense to overburden an already inept process by pushing tens of millions more visa interviews and checking processes thus, by definition, making the process more prone to missing the real problems, all these stupid pundits keep saying that the Visa Waiver Program needs changing.

Why? Since when is government innervation and bureaucracy makes any such process better?

Do they not understand that the idea of concentrating on the relatively smaller number of cases with the higher risk potential for the visa process makes sense?

Do they not know that the Visa Waiver Program DOES include some checks (these are low level checks and are done electronically but they are done)?

Do they not understand that allowing the vast majority of cases, where the risk is lower, to be handled automatically is the CORRECT way of handling these things?

Can they not comprehend that changing the Visa Waiver Program has enormous economic consequences? Less visitation to the US as it will become cumbersome to get in, and the backlash by countries making it more difficult for US persons to visit their countries will damage both US tourism and general business activity.

While money is not equal to blood (the notion of preventing terror on US homeland), ultimately, economic damage will hurt and cause “blood” to spill. Just few days ago the director of the FBI said that he does not have enough money to do everything that the FBI has to do—there is potential loss of life here that is caused by economic pressures. It is all connected. Let alone the HUGE cost of administering such a program if EVERY person coming into the US will need to go through screening.

On balance, the Visa Waiver Program is one of the better government programs, has not been connected to any terror activity, and has generated significant economic advantage.

Where is the ONE person that will at least try to explain the cost benefits of this program and why it should remain intact, and that if it is not broken, don’t fix it!!

Trump’s Ban on “All Muslims”. . . Temporarily
It is not clear to me if Trump is stupid or brilliant.

If this was a trick to get more attention, abuse the anxious and frightened American public, and thus garner support for himself, it is working and he is brilliant—albeit immoral and a bigot.

If he really thinks that he can practically establish such a ban—let alone that it is a good idea—he is stupid.

Just to set the tone, what Trump said is that he wants to ban EVERY and ALL non-US-citizen Muslims from entering the USA. Full stop. Not immigrants. Not refugees. ALL. Temporarily . . . until he can figure out what to do . . .

So, that means that the family of father, mother, and three kids coming from, say, Turkey to spend a week in Disney World will be stopped from entering the USA.

The Saudi prince who is about to close on a deal to buy a $10,000,000 condominium in NYC from say… Trump will be barred from entry.

The UAE businessperson coming in to negotiate a deal to import, say, US-made Campbell Soups to the Middle East: no soup for you.

Indeed, the “Soup Nazi.”

Some say that it is unconstitutional. I am not a constitutional expert, but how could a foreign citizen on foreign land (outside the US) be protected by the US Constitution? What rights do such people have under the US Constitution? I don’t think so.

Others say that it plays into ISIS’ hands because they will use it to further radicalize Muslims. When will all these ignorant people understand that ISIS does not need us—and does not wait for us—to radicalize Muslims? Nothing that we do figures much, or contributes materially, to the radicalization movement. Stop already in judging ISIS and other Muslim extremes based on OUR values, OUR rationale, and OUR standards. They do NOT adhere to those.

The real question, though, is how do you practically put such a ban in place? How do you KNOW who is a Muslim and who is not? The vast majority of passport documents do NOT show religion. So, how will the US consulate or the border agent know?

What about the Egyptian Christians? Are they allowed in?

What about the French Muslims? How will they know to stop them?

It is not only impractical, it will have enormous economic consequences which, as discussed above, does have implication on savings lives in the end.

But most important, it will not work to achieve anything. No self-respecting terrorist will be stopped from entering the US by the need to cheat on his religion . . . all for Allah’s sake, of course.

This is not the solution to beat terror or avoid terror inside the US homeland.

Again, I want to know: is there no one in the entire USA field of political media commentary that can eloquently say what I just said above and explain it so that people will understand the folly of this suggestion?

Hearing people on the Right who support Trump discuss this matter makes my back shiver; bigots all and one, and stupid on top.

This comes from someone (me) who believes that Islam, at its core, is NOT a peaceful religion and that there is an issue with Islam . . . and that the problem is NOT with such a negligible minority of extremists, but in wide concentric circles of support and acquiesces. Still, the solution is not in the Trump stupidity.

Terror Inactivity
The one issue that many pundits have caught-on to (though only on the political Right) is that this whole phenomenon is occurring ONLY because the US public is anxious, concerned, and afraid. The reason this fear is prevalent is that this president is doing F… all to combat terror.

There is no way to 100% avoid terror acts and, given where we are today, even if suddenly this president and his successors will start to do all the right things and persist in doing them, it will take 10-25 years to eradicate Islamist terror as an issue for the world. That is IF they do the right things.

There is only ONE effective solution to fight Islamist terror: hit them at the core. In the case of ISIS, they MUST be defeated at the “state” level. They ARE a state. You need to eliminate them in Raqqa, chase them away from Mosul, and annihilate them in Dabiq (their “chosen” site for the final battle of Armageddon). You need to demolish the institution of “state” that they have created. That is the only effective way to materially reduce (and close to eliminate) the attraction that ISIS now has for all its followers. Winning begets wining in this business. THIS is where they get their power to radicalize.

Defeating them will begin the long process of reducing the terror threat and will make the US population confident, resilient, and ready to resist fear, hysteria, and panicked actions—even if there are still sporadic terror activities, which there will be for decades to come.